Now that you’ve started your FlightPath journey, it’s time to take the next step. You’ll begin by uncovering your strengths, learning skills that will help you succeed, and creating your plan. You’ll also document your entire experience along the way.


1st Year Discovery

In January, known here as J Term, first-year Hartwick students visit sites in the U.S. or Canada and engage in a series of location-based learning activities.

Hartwick College Strengths Assessment Icon

Define your strengths

The Strengths Assessment uncovers what you’re naturally good at, helping you tap into your strengths and find out how to put them into practice.

If you’ve completed your assessment, you can start planning your path with your Guidance Team below. If you haven’t, you can take the assessment now.

21st Century Modules

Learn Critical Skills

In your 21st Century Modules, you’ll develop the skills you need to be competitive in tomorrow’s job market.

Each four-week mini course is designed to prepare you for success after Hartwick, making you flexible and adaptable.

First-Year Seminar

Get a head start

Your First Year Seminar (FYS) is part of your transition to college, and the opening to your FlightPath.

Explore who you are now, where you want to go, and how Hartwick can help. You’ll also dive deep on the Hartwick community, learning about our history and traditions, our people, and the many opportunities you have for connection.

"We’re building a little bit of everything into the team-designed, but individually taught, course and we’re tying the content to this place, both geographically and culturally. The point is to give students a common experience."

Dr. Andrew Piefer P’23

Professor & Chemistry Department Chair

Tools You'll Use


Self-Service powers your unique FlightPath, including course planning, registration, and tracking your degree progress. Helping you choose a destination and make a plan that works specifically for you.

True Blue Connect

This is where you go to plan career growth and gain a mentor.


Explore more than 60 student organizations, or connect with other students through HartLink, a virtual bulletin board of current events around campus.

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