Hartwick's January Term J Term

J Term experiences are built into the core of Hartwick’s FlightPath.

“What really spoke to me on the J Term experience was to understand how much tourism impacts locals, but also that I need to be mindful when I travel. It’s about listening and understanding the culture of the local people, because this land belongs to them.”

- Elessha Jiminez ‘24

Double Major in Chemistry & Philosophy; Off-campus Field Studies: Geology and Natural History of the Caribbean

Join your professors in Tampa Bay, Florida to learn the ropes of Maritime Business. Study populism while you explore the culture of Central Europe, or learn the science behind Barbados’ breath-taking beauty. That’s Hartwick’s J Term – January Term – intense, exciting, faculty-lead courses that invite you to develop a profound understanding of the world and your place within it.

Not quite ready for the world? We have domestic courses, too. Spend winter weeks seeing and critiquing the hottest shows in New York City, understanding the politics of environmental sustainability in Arizona, or studying the volcanoes of Hawaii while escaping the Oneonta snow!

J Term Experiences

Hartwick College nursing students in Jamaica

Whether international or close to home, J Term experiences are built into the core of Hartwick’s Flightpath. J Term adventures can also include exciting and unusual courses on campus, research experiences with faculty, and pre-professional internships. Try something new every year!

Hartwick students during skating event.

There are even opportunities that don’t require a suitcase. Many students stay on campus, and they have a great experience with lots of special events and activities. Bonus: Your room and tuition are included in your fall and spring semester charges, and the campus meal plan is optional.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait to begin your exploration. In your first year, you’ll embark on a short Discovery Trip as part of your J Term coursework. See Medieval manuscripts at the Met, then design an illuminated page of your own using similar tools and inks. Learn about diversity and democracy in the classroom, then see it in action at the state capital in Albany. Or develop your confidence as you try your hand at outdoor skills at our Pine Lake campus. J Term is your chance to investigate your major from a whole new angle – or dive into something totally new.

Highlights from Recent J Term Experiences

From eating fresh sushi in the heart of Tokyo to learning the importance of transcultural nursing in Jamaica, recent J Term experiences have been as educational as they are exciting. Our faculty look forward to returning to these J Term course destinations and adding more unique, on-site experiences for our students. In the meantime, virtual experiences bring their share of insights and surprises.


Hartwick students in France

Past Hartwick J Term courses and destinations:

  • Art & Architecture of Italy
  • Change & Challenges of South Africa
  • Cultural Conservation in Madagascar
  • Doing Business in Italy
  • Fermentation & the Relocalization of Food Systems in Portugal
  • French Language Immersion in Tours
  • Geology & Natural History of Hawaii
  • Irish Culture & Society
  • Island Biogeography in the Bahamas
  • Japanese Language and Culture in Tokyo
  • Language and Cultural Immersion in Quebec City, Canada
  • Modern China / Doing Business in China
  • People, Plants, & Animals of Thailand
  • Politics of the European Union
  • Psychology of Creativity (Hawaii)
  • Sustainable Tourism in Peru
  • Theatre in England
  • Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica
Hartwick student with elephants in Thailand during J Term
Hartwick students in Da Vinci museum in Italy
Hartwick students abroad during J Term


We get it. Balancing an internship with your coursework or a job is a lot of work. That’s what’s great about J Term internships – three or four weeks of immersive career experience in your field of interest. It’s a great way to get a real feel for what the job, and the profession, is really like.

You’re not required to be on campus during J Term, so be open to internship opportunities right in your neighborhood or across the world.

Break Your Expectations, Not Your Bank

J Term Scholarships

Whether you’re staying stateside or headed abroad, Hartwick has generous scholarships – many funded by alumni, parents and friends – all dedicated to helping you stretch yourself while you gain experience. Get to the Global Education Office to apply for one of our J Term scholarships.

Duffy Family Ambassador Scholarships

Tempted to head out alone? Our Duffy Family Ambassador Scholarships support students’ independent educational travel abroad. And our Emerson International Internship Scholarships will help open the door to extraordinary pre-professional experiences. Both bring awards of up to $5,000 and make a powerful statement on your Digital Resume.

Hanft Internship Scholarships

If you need a financial boost to accept a great internship opportunity closer to home, check out our Hanft Internship Scholarships. They’ve made the difference for students in nursing, business, environmental studies, and just about every major.