January Term (J Term)

The opportunity of a lifetime. Available every January.

Go deep into your major or dive into another passion altogether. Hartwick students have the option to engage in an immersive, three-week-long learning experience called January Term (J Term). This unique moment in your Hartwick education can include travel to far-off locations or concentrated research on campus — all of it centered on a singular point of study.

During the global pandemic of 2020-2021, our off-campus programs (domestically and abroad) have been canceled. Our faculty prepared excellent on-campus experiences for our students who are engaged in immersive learning experiences. Faculty redesigned their courses to ensure meaningful cultural exchanges, studies of the arts and sciences, and exploration of natural environments through virtual experiences with significant learning.

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Some 2021 J Term Courses:

  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration & Business in Korea & U.S.
  • Japanese Language & Culture
  • Our Endangered Oceans
  • World View: Urban vs. Rural
  • Sacred Space in America
  • Populism in Central Europe
  • Pathway to France: Language, Culture, Work
  • Language Art & Cultures of Spain

Some Past Off-campus J Term Courses:

  • Europe: Politics in the European Union – Political Science 250
  • France: Language Immersion in Tours France – French 105/205/305
  • Ireland: Irish Society & Culture – Sociology 338/Music 350
  • Italy: Art & Architecture of Italy – Art History 307
  • Japan: Japanese Language & Culture in Tokyo – Japanese 150/250
  • London: Theatre In England – Theatre Arts 303
  • Portugal: Fermentation & The Re-Location of Food Systems – Biology 150/Economics 150
  • South Africa: Culture & Challenges – Anthropology 355/Public Health 355

We help make your J Term possible.

Available scholarships include the following:

  • The Florence and George Hutman Scholarship for International Study
  • The Dobert Family Scholarship
  • The Josie Wright and Dr. Brian R. Wright, Esq. H’02 Endowed Scholarship
  • The Semenenko Clark Fund for Excellence in Art and Art History
  • The Richard L. ’62 and Carol V. Clapp J Term Scholarship
  • The Sarah Griffiths ’88 and Timothy Herbert Endowed J Term Scholarship
  • The Andrew and Betty Anderson J Term Scholarship
  • The International J Term Scholarship
  • The Landrey Family J Term Endowment
  • The Lynch Family Endowed Fund for J Term Study
  • The Mehri J Term Scholarship
  • The Morris J Term Scholarship
  • The Brian ’87 and Kristen Wilcox Endowed J Term

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