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Explore the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States in January 2023.

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Please note: Prices of Off-Campus J Term programs are estimates. If there are factors that affect the final cost of a program, such as fluctuations in currency exchange rates or fuel price increases, a fee adjustment will be announced. Should there be a change in a program fee students will have two weeks from notification of that change, or until the last day of classes, (whichever is shorter) to pay.

The Bahamas, Central Europe, Ireland

Hartwick students hiking at Bluff Beach in Bahamas


Biogeography is the scientific study of the patterns and causes of the distribution of organisms using a combination of ecological and evolutionary theory, geology, and geography: what species are where, and why? Islands have been the subject of important biogeographic work and have contributed substantially to existing biogeographic theory. The course covers the important elements of biogeographic theory within the context of islands using the marine and terrestrial flora and fauna of San Salvador Island. Students spend 3 weeks in residence at the Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island. Class activities include hikes through the rugged scrub-forest communities in the island’s interior; snorkeling trips to coral reef, seagrass, and mangrove lagoon habitats; plant community analysis; rocky intertidal community sampling; a swim to an offshore island inhabited by iguanas; night snorkeling; and a descent into a water cave. SCUBA diving is possible for certified divers. In addition, students are exposed to the history and culture of the island. Daytime field activities are supplemented by evening lectures, discussions, and student presentations.

Course: BIOL 240
Location: The Bahamas
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Mark Kuhlmann and Doug Hamilton
Curricular Requirement: LAB, EL 4 credits
Cost: $2,450
Length of program: 20 days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 5 – Jan 24, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included

View of Danube River


Populism has seen an upsurge in many parts of the world, including in several European countries. In Hungary and Czechoslovakia, four decades of communist rule have left a lasting mark on the societies and their economies. Austria experienced decades of postwar prosperity but has wrestled with its role in the Nazi era. The course brings students to all three countries, visiting sites of historical and cultural importance and meeting with local experts and witnesses to learn about the political and economic situation.

Course: POSC 250/350 or ECON 150/350
Locations: Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Karl Seeley and Amy Forster Rothbart
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3000
Length of program: 26 Days; 23 Days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 3 – Jan 29, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included

Hartwick College faculty in Ireland


This course explores the rich social and cultural history of Ireland from urban, suburban, and rural perspectives across the country. From Dublin to Cork, Cobh to Glean Cholm Cille, Derry to Belfast, we will learn how religion, politics, invasions, and rebellions shaped the culture and society of Ireland. Students will be immersed in music throughout their experience, as is common in the lives of the Irish.

Course: SOCI 338 or MUSI 330
Locations: Ireland, Northern Ireland
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Ryan Ceresola and Meghan Sheehy
Curricular Requirement: GEO2, EL 4 credits
Cost: $3,650
Length of program: 21 Days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 6 – Jan 26, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included

Italy, Japan, Portugal

Florence, Italy


This course, collaborating with Florence University of the Arts, addresses the procedures involved in managing a fashion retail enterprise and the decision-making inherent in successful merchandising for smaller-scale stores. Knowledge will be acquired through lab practice gained by running a real enterprise in which students and professionals exchange their knowledge and propose successful solutions to be applied.

Coursework includes site visits to well-known Italian luxury brands in Florence such as Ferragamo, Gucci, and Cavalli (companies may change according to availability), and special guest lectures from local prominent emerging designers.

Course: BUSA 150
Location: Florence, Italy
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Weiwei Zhang and Aaron Stephens
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $4,000
Length of program: 21 Days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 3 – Jan 24, 2023
Meals: At least 1 meal per day included

Hartwick Students in Japan


Study Japanese in Tokyo amid the dynamic cultural life of one of the world’s most globally connected cities. Spend three weeks at Toyo University, immersed in learning the language and social practices. Explore Tokyo’s vibrant urban neighborhoods and parks, get a hands-on introduction to distinctive Japanese traditions of calligraphy and washi paper-making, and make mochi at an urban farm. The program will also include two day-trips: one to Lake Hakone/Mt. Fuji, and one to Kamakura.

Course: JAPN 105
Location: Japan
Prerequisite: None
Program Director: Cherilyn Lacy
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,800
Length of program: 25 days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 3 – Jan 29, 2023
Meals: 2 meals per day included

Hartwick students in Portugal


Food is a shared part of the lived experience of all people; thus, food provides an ideal theme through which to understand the culture and history of another nation. This course provides a culinary tour through Portugal, a nation with a rich cultural history of small-scale artisan food production. Course content focuses on understanding the creation of fermented foods, including cheese and sausage, from a biological, economic, and social perspective and appreciating the value and challenges of local food systems and large scale commercial food production. In-country travel includes mainland trips to major Portuguese regions.

Course: BIOL 150 or ECON 150
Locations: Portugal
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Mary Allen and Carli Ficano
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,200
Length of program: 22 Days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 3 – Jan 25, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included

Senegal, Hawaii, St. Louis

Colorful Buildings in Senegal, Africa


Students will visit sites of artistic and cultural significance in Senegal (West Africa) while immersing themselves in a non-Anglophone environment, living with host families, and adapting to the life of the local community. Through daily interactions with residents, students will gain a profound understanding of Senegalese art and culture. They will also develop skills in cross-cultural communication, adaptation to new and very different cultural environments, and personal resilience.

Course: GLST 250 or ART 250
Locations: Senegal
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Mark Wolff and Rich Barlow
Curricular Requirement: EL, LN3, 4 credits
Cost: $4,000
Length of program: 25 Days; 17 Days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: approx. Jan 3 -Jan 27, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included

Hartwick students at lava flow in Hawaii


Students explore many unique and breathtaking geological, biological, oceanographic and cultural destinations on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Through activities such as volcano tours, a lava watch, a whale watch, hikes in spectacular parks and preserves, snorkeling on coral reefs, and visits to Polynesian cultural sites, students explore the natural phenomena and environments that make up the youngest Hawaiian Island, paying close attention to the geological impact on humans and human impact on the environment. This intellectually and physically demanding course is open to all students who attend the required logistical meetings and have instructor permission.

Course: GEOL 275
Location: USA (Hawaii)
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: David Griffing and Stephanie Carr
Curricular Requirement: LAB, 4 credits
Cost: $3,400
Length of program: 21 Days, 16 Days Off-Campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 3 – Jan 23, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included

St Louis Square


This interdisciplinary course will focus on a range of structural issues that result in many of the inequalities and injustices that affect American cities. After a period on campus where we’ll both read and discuss some foundational texts, we’ll visit St. Louis for 1 week to both learn from scholars there that study these issues in an exemplary city and physically visit many of the sites we’ve read about in class.

Course: POSC 350
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Prerequisite: None
Program Director: Matt Chick
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $1,800
Length of program: 21 days, 7 days off-campus
Tentative program dates: Jan 3 – Jan 27, 2023
Meals: 3 meals per day included


Contact the Office of Global Education (globaleducation@hartwick.edu) or visit our offices in 1st Floor Golisano Hall.