Off-Campus January Term Courses

The World Is at Your Fingertips: Off-Campus J Term Courses

Find your next adventure. Learn all about the off-campus courses that will be offered January Term 2020. 

Complete program registration information for J Term off-campus courses.

Please note: Prices of Off-Campus J Term programs are estimates. If there are factors that affect the final cost of a program, such as fluctuations in currency exchange rates or fuel price increases, a fee adjustment will be announced. Should there be a change in a program fee students will have two weeks from notification of that change, or until the last day of classes, (whichever is shorter) to pay.

Europe: Politics in the European Union

This course will study the opportunities and challenges faced by the European Union today as it manages the departure of Great Britain and faces challenges in several important member states. We will visit the European Parliament in historic Strasbourg, France, study European institutions in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, and look at the bridging of the eastern and western parts of the continent where the wall once stood in Berlin. We finish the program in Warsaw, Poland, where a populist government poses challenges to EU understandings of human rights and good governance. Along the way we will immerse ourselves in the history and cultures of Europe and consider what Europeans want from their governments, the EU, and each other.

Course: POSC 250
Locations: France, Belgium, Germany, Poland
Prerequisite: None
Program Leaders: Amy Foster Rothbart and Daniel Oross

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,934
Length of program: 25 Days Off Campus
Tentative program dates: January 2-January 28, 2020
Meals: 3 meals per day included

France: Language Immersion in Tours France

This course enables students to fulfill the Hartwick language requirement in three weeks. No prior knowledge of French is required. The course will immerse participants in the city of Tours along the Loire River where the Renaissance flourished in France. Students will use the French they learn as they step outside the classroom and interact with host families and the local community. Students will visit castles, medieval cities, the home of Leonardo da Vinci, and the city of Paris, which is only one hour away by train.

Course: FREN 105/205/305
Locations: France
Prerequisite: None
Program Leader: Mark Wolff

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,525
Length of program: 23 Days Off Campus.
Tentative program dates: January 4-January 26, 2020
Meals: 2 meals per day included

Ireland: Irish Society & Culture- CLOSED

This course explores how history has shaped modern Irish society by examining Ireland’s rich culture with a special emphasis on its music traditions. We start in rural Donegal with its cultural and historic wonders, end in modern Dublin with a focus on both local music culture and governmental institutions, and include visits to several historic sites along the way. Students will experience ceili dances, traditional Irish music performances, and the variety of ways music is integrated into daily life in Ireland. While the program gives students a strong understanding of this fascinating place, students will have the opportunity for short excursions based on individual interests as well. Through it all there will be opportunities to walk in the footsteps of rebels, musicians and saints and meet Irish from all walks of life.

Course: SOCI 338, MUSI 350
Locations: Ireland
Prerequisite: None
Program Leaders: Ryan Ceresola and Meghan Sheehy

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,300
Length of program: 18 Days Off Campus.
Tentative program dates: January 4-January 26, 2020
Meals: 3 meals per day included

Italy: Art & Architecture of Italy

Experience the art and architecture of ancient through modern Italy. Gain an intimate understanding of objects and their religious and political functions. Explore architectural spaces and monuments and learn how cities and towns integrate them into a community. Place objects in their political, religious, and historical contexts. Come face to face with Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Ghiberti, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Titian, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Bernini, and Gentileschi. Trace the steps of Roman emperors and gladiators, popes and princes, martyrs and heretics. Conduct your research while winding your way through the canals of Venice, the markets of  Florence, and the catacombs of Rome.

Course: ARTH 307
Locations: Italy
Prerequisite: ARTH 220
Program Leaders: Elizabeth Ayer, Douglas Zullo

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,953
Length of program: 22 Days Off Campus
Tentative program dates: January 6-January 25, 2020
Meals: 2 meals per day included

Jamaica: Transcultural Nursing- CLOSED

This course is designed to assist the student to recognize this myriad of health-related beliefs and practices that exist among and between members of a culture and how those beliefs and practices impact the health of its members. This three-week immersion experience (one-week on-campus prep work and two weeks in Jamaica) is designed to expand the student’s knowledge of transcultural concepts and theories; apply cultural assessment in diverse settings; and provide culturally relevant, competent care to individuals, families, and communities. Students are exposed to different empirical frameworks to assist them in providing holistic, culturally-competent care. Clinical experiences occur in diverse rural clinic and community settings with an emphasis on therapeutic interventions, health promotion, disease prevention, risk reduction, and health teaching within a unique ethno-cultural environment.

Course: NURS 346
Locations: Jamaica
Prerequisite: NURS 234 or instructor permission
Program Leaders: Maia Silber and nursing faculty TBD

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $2,550
Length of program: First week on campus, 15 days off-campus
Tentative program dates: January 3-January 25, 2020 
Meals: 3 meals per day included in travel days


Japan: Japanese Language & Culture in Tokyo- CLOSED

Study Japanese in Tokyo amid the dynamic cultural life of one of the world’s most globally connected cities. Spend three weeks at Toyo University, immersed in learning the language and social practices. Explore Tokyo’s vibrant urban neighborhoods and parks and get a hands-on introduction to distinctive Japanese traditions of calligraphy and wood-block printing. This course will satisfy the Hartwick College language requirement.

Course: JPAN 150/250
Locations: Tokyo, Japan
Prerequisite: None
Program Leader: Cherilyn Lacy

Curricular Requirement: EL, LN3, 4 credits (satisfies Hartwick College language requirement)
Cost: $3,750
Length of program:22 Days Off Campus
Tentative program dates: January 5-January 26, 2020
Meals: 2 meals per day included

London: Theatre in England

This course introduces students to Theatre in London, with the aim of enriching their understanding of contemporary British theatre and theatre as a whole. Based in London and Stratford-upon-Avon, the class will attend up to 15 productions offered by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre, West End theatres and Fringe companies. Students will also visit theatres backstage, museums, art galleries, and historic sites. Along with time in London, students will spend five days touring Shakespeare’s native Warwickshire and attending plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Course: THEA 303
Locations: London, United Kingdom
Prerequisite: None
Program Leader: Marc Shaw

Curricular Requirement: EL,WL3, 4 credits
Cost: $3,800 includes flight
Length of program: 22 Days Off Campus
Tentative program dates: January 2-January 24, 2020
Meals: 3 meals per day included

Portugal: Fermentation & The Re-Location of Food Systems- CLOSED

Food is a shared part of the lived experience of all people; thus, food provides an ideal theme through which to understand the culture and history of another nation. This course provides a culinary tour through Portugal, a nation with a rich cultural history of small-scale artisan food production. Course content focuses on understanding the creation of fermented foods, including cheese and sausage, from a biological, economic, and social perspective and appreciating the value and challenges of local food systems and large-scale commercial food production. In-country travel includes mainland trips to the cities of Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra, Evora and Sintra.

Course: BIOL 150/ECON 150
Locations: Portugal
Prerequisite: BIOL 150: Introduction to Fermentation
Program Leaders: Mary Allen and Carli Ficano

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $2,500
Length of program: 21 Days Off Campus
Tentative program dates: January 3-January 24, 2020
Meals: 3 meals per day included

South Africa: Culture and Challenges

South Africa is the richest African country. Its democracy is barely 20 years old, so it’s still changing since the brutal white dictatorship that ruled it for a century. We see the world’s oldest art in the Drakensberg Mountains, swim in the Indian Ocean, and observe wildlife in the Kruger Park, visiting game reserves, archaeological and fossil sites, native villages and modern malls; museums, schools, squatter camps and orphanages, to understand the continuing transformation of South Africa into a unified, multiracial, multicultural democracy. We will view and interview health-care providers and their clients in a variety of radically-different settings.

Course: ANTH 355 Or PUBH 355
Location: South Africa
Prerequisite: ANTH 237 or instructor permission
Program Leaders: Connie Anderson and Craig Bielert

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,980
Length of program: 25 days
Tentative program dates: approx. Dec. 27, 2019-Jan. 21, 2020
Meals: At least 1 and sometimes 2-3 meals per day included


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