Off-Campus January Term Courses

The World Is at Your Fingertips: Off-Campus J Term Courses

Find your next adventure. Learn all about the off-campus courses that will be offered January Term 2018. 

Complete program registration information for J Term off-campus courses.

Please note: Prices of Off-Campus J Term programs are estimates. If there are factors that affect the final cost of a program, such as fluctuations in currency exchange rates or fuel price increases, a fee adjustment will be announced. Should there be a change in a program fee students will have two weeks from notification of that change, or until the last day of classes, (whichever is shorter) to pay.

Madagascar: Culture, Conservation & Natural History

Madagascar is a living laboratory of extraordinary natural environments with 80 percent of its plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. With a mixture of cultures and an emphasis on the supernatural, the culture of the island is as unique as its nature. During this course you will have the opportunity to observe the island’s unique plants (many are medicinal), animals (lemurs, chameleons), and culture while interacting with the friendly Malagasy as we travel around the island noting the balance between human needs and natural resources. The course is interdisciplinary and includes an introduction to the Malagasy language.

Course: BIOL 244
Location: Republic of Madagascar
Prerequisite: BIOL 243 (offered fall 2017)
Program Leaders: Allen Crooker and Kim Morin
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits

Cost: $3,900
Length of program: 23 days
Tentative program dates: January 4, 2018- January 26, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

Portugal: Fermentation & the Re-localization of Food Systems: Program Closed

Food is a shared part of the lived experience of all people; thus, food provides an ideal theme through which to understand the culture and history of another nation. This course provides a culinary tour through Portugal, a nation with a rich cultural history of small-scale artisan food production. Course content focuses on understanding the creation of fermented foods, including cheese and sausage, from a biological, economic, and social perspective and appreciating the value and challenges of local food systems and large scale commercial food production. In-country travel includes mainland trips to major Portuguese cheese-producing regions as well as a visit to the island region of Sao Jorge, Azores.

Course: BIOL 150/ECON 150
Location: Portugal
Prerequisite: None
Program Leaders: Mary Allen and Carli Ficano
Curricular Requirements: EL, 4 credits

Cost: $2,200
Length of Program: 19 days
Tentative Program Dates: January 4, 2018- January 23, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

Dominican Republic: The Past is Present: Service Learning in Hispaniola: 

For this course students will learn about Dominican culture and history and its relationship with Haiti and the United States during excursions to Santo Domingo, while they work alongside Caminante: Proyecto Educativo, an NGO that has provided educational and vocational training in the Boca Chica community for 20 years. As part of the service/experiential learning component of the course, students will develop and teach in Spanish workshops around the theme of “Tu salud es lo que cuenta/It’s Your Health That Counts” in the “Homework Rooms” that Caminante runs  for K-3rd grade children. Through their work students will learn about the social, historical, and political circumstances that have impacted the very children with whom they interact and reflect upon how these very same events shape their own present.

Course: SPAN 285/SPAN 385/SPAN 485
Location: Dominican Republic
Prerequisite: Spanish 201 or Spanish faculty approval
Program Leaders: Virginia Arreola and Cristina Marques
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $2,999
Length of program: 18 days off campus
Tentative program dates: January 3, 2018- January 26, 2018; January 3-8 on campus, January 9-26 in the Dominican Republic
Meals: Three meals per day included
Additional information: As in all opportunities in life, the potential for it to be great lies in your hands.If you are excited and curious about other cultures, flexible, can tolerate the heat, enjoy working with children, work well on a team, and are hungry to explore the world, you will cherish every minute of this trip.

This is not a sight-seeing vacation, although you will have free time to enjoy the beach after working with the children of Camiante and we will take several excursions to important historical sites. You will be working hard and challenged every day. You will leave the Dominican Republic having gained a more nuanced understanding of the country and improved your language proficiency. For the duration of the course at Hartwick and while abroad, you will be expected to speak only Spanish during course-related activities, except when clear communication is crucial for the proper functioning of the course and the well-being of the students, in which case English will be used. We will stay at Hotel Zapata (, a beach-front hotel on Boca Chica Beach. You will share an air-conditioned room with a same-sex Hartwick classmate.

Hungary & Czech Republic: Life After Communism

Europe is experiencing its greatest turmoil in decades with Britain voting to leave the European Union and parts of the continent not yet recovered from the recession of 2008. The countries of Eastern Europe face special challenges in this environment because of the political and economic legacy of communism. We’ll visit Hungary, Moldova, and the Czech Republic to learn how the communist past affects these countries in the present. 

Course: POSC 150/POSC 350/ECON 150/ECON 350
Location: Hungary, Czech Republic
Prerequisite: For ECON 350: ECON 222 or ECON 221; For POSC 350: POSC 105 or 108 plus one 200-level course
Program Leaders: Amy Forster Rothbart and Karl Seeley

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $2,950
Length of program: 21 days
Tentative program dates: January 6, 2018- January 27, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

USA: Sustainable Public Policies in Arizona: 

This course is divided into two phases. The first, in the first week of January Term, will offer an on-campus workshop to prepare the student for a two-week cross-cultural learning experience in Arizona. The second phase, beginning in the second week of January Term, will be spent exploring the uneven socio-cultural, political, and economic development and sustainability in a variety of national and state park settings. Students will spend considerable time outdoors in the Grand Canyon, meeting with Native American leaders, and discovering the challenges of developing policies for the appropriate use of water and natural resources. 

Course: ECON 350/POSC 350
Location: Arizona
Prerequisite: One of the following: POSC 101, ECON 101 or 103, Science 100, or approval of the instructors
Program Leaders: Larry Malone and Jim Buthman 
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $2,600

Length of program: 15 days in Arizona
Tentative program dates: On-campus from January 3-5, 2018; Off campus from January 6-21, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included
Additional Information: Students who complete all hikes during the course will earn 1 P.E. credit


South Africa: Changes & Challenges

The richest African country, South Africa was recently ruled by a brutal, white dictatorship. From the world’s oldest art in the Drakensberg Mountains to the Indian Ocean, Kruger Park and Johannesburg, we learn of the challenges and changes since democracy began, visiting game reserves, archeological sites, native villages, and modern malls, museums, schools, squatter camps and orphanages to understand the continuing transition to a unified, multiracial, multicultural democracy.

Course: ANTH 355
Location: South Africa
Prerequisite: ANTH 335 or instructor permission
Program Leaders: Connie Anderson and Craig Bielert
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits

Cost: $3,900
Length of program: Approximately 29 days
Tentative program dates: December 28, 2016- January 25, 2018
Meals: At least 1 and sometimes 2 meals per day included

USA: Psychology of Creativity in Hawaii: Program Closed

Students will travel to Hawaii to immerse themselves in a personal journey, testing firsthand the hypothesis that creativity can be enhanced through a variety of experiences such as yoga, meditation, dance, art, music, martial arts, mythology, nature hikes, novel stimuli, creativity-training exercises, and the like. We will also explore traditional psychological theories of creativity. We will be staying at an ocean-side educational retreat on the big island– a nonprofit, soulful refuge nestled in the rainforest jungle. Day trips may include excursions to Volcano National Park, Black Sands Beach, Hilo Market, Mackenzie Park, Botanical Gardens, Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Uncle Roberts Coconut Beach, Richardson Beach, Maku’u Market, and tidepool snorkeling. 

Course: PSYC 150
Location: Hawaii
Prerequisite: None
Program Leaders: Lisa Onorato and Marie Cummings

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $4,200
Length of program: 20 days
Tentative program dates: January 7, 2018- January 27, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

Spain: Intercultural Enterprise

Students will travel to Spain and study domestic and international businesses. Meetings and tours will focus on the business functions of a variety of corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Students will explore complex global strategies, organizational structure, marketing, human resource management, manufacturing, and operations. Emerging trends will be examined and the primary focus of the course will be the impact of social, cultural, and political differences. Students will identify the opportunities and challenges in ethically and legally adapting Western business concepts and methods to other business environments.  

Course: BUSA 150
Location: Spain
Prerequisite: None; two required pre-departure meetings
Program Leaders: Pauline Stamp and Pinki Srivastava

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,950
Length of program: 20 days
Tentative program dates: January 3, 2018- January 22, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included


Imagined Communities in France

In January 2018 our course will explore postwar periods in French history as moments of national rebuilding and cultural reinvention. From the Renaissance castles of the Loire following the Italian wars of the sixteenth century to the skyscrapers and freeways of Paris after the Second World War, we will examine how preservation and innovation have shaped France as a community. The program will also enable students to fulfill the LAiP language requirement through immersive instruction and homestays with local families. Learn French while you explore the country’s rich heritage in art, architecture, music and theater!

Course: HIST 219
Location: France
Prerequisite: None
Program Leaders: Cherilyn Lacy and Mark Wolff
Curricular Requirement: EL, LN1 or LN2; 4 credits

Cost: $3,900
Length of program: 23 days
Tentative program dates: January 3, 2018- January 28, 2018
Meals: Two meals per day included

USA: Roots of American Music

Blues! Jazz! Rock N Roll! Harwick Hawks will learn about the roots of American music in an exciting course and trip to the Southern United States. Spend January traveling to the Mississippi Delta, Memphis, and New Orleans, where you’ll learn about cultural and historical events and places that helped create various genres. See blues, jazz, and rock music performed by top performers in the places of their birth, hear lectures from accomplished musicians, and explore rich cultures that contributed to the development of America’s music. 

Course: MUSI 250
Locations: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
Prerequisite: 2 Fall 2017 semester meetings
Program Leaders: Meghan Sheehy and Jeremy Kellett

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,000
Length of program: 19 days
Tentative program dates: January 3, 2018- January 26, 2018 off-campus
Meals: Three meals per day included

Natural History of Costa Rica

The goal of this course is to introduce students to study of tropical biodiversity and its conservation in Costa Rica. Participants live and study at biological research stations in tropical rainforests, cloud forests, dry forests, and coastal habitats on the Atlantic and Pacific sides of Costa Rica. Most of our time is spent identifying and observing the rich flora and fauna of different ecosystems and using the scientific method to study a variety of organisms in their natural environment. In addition, participants visit volcanoes, museums, national parks, and historical sites. 

Course: BIOL 241/340/341
Location: Costa Rica
Prerequisite: None for BIOL 241; BIOL 340 Tropical Biology for BIOL 341
Program Leader: Peter Fauth
Curricular Requirements:
BIOL 241: 4 credits,  LAB
BIOL 341: 4 credits

Cost: $4,100
Length of program: 21 days
Tentative program dates: January 4, 2018- January 24, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

Irish Culture and Society II

This course explores how history has shaped Irish society. We start by exploring rural Donegal with its cultural and historic wonders. Next comes Galway, a university town with access to much of the mid-west. From Killarney, with its plethora of historical sites and natural wonders, we explore the magical Dingle Peninsula. We finish in Dublin with a particular focus on cultural and governmental institutions. Students have the opportunity for short excursions based on individual interests. Throughout the program there will be opportunities to walk in the footsteps of rebels, writers, and saints, and meet Irish people from all walks of life. 

Course: SOCI 338
Location: Ireland
Prerequisite: SOCI 238: Irish Culture &
Society I
Program Leaders: Reid Golden and Nancy Boulin- Golden

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $4,300
Length of program: 24-25 days 
Tentative program dates: January 6, 2018- January 31, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

USA: Northeast Art Museums Studio Seminar

In this class, students will experience Historic and Contemporary Art first-hand in the galleries and museums of the northeast region. This will be followed by seminar discussions that lead into studio art project responses. Each week will be broken into two parts. Two days will be spent traveling to a city in the region with multiple art venues and sites of cultural interest. Those two days will be dedicated to exploring the museums, with students sketching, taking notes, and seeking works that inspire them. The rest of the week will be dedicated to students creating artistic responses in studio. 

Course: ART 250
Location: New York and Pennsylvania
Prerequisite: None
Program Leaders: Richard Barlow
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits

Cost: $975
Length of program: 8 days off-campus
Tentative program dates: January 2, 2018- January 26, 2018
Meals: 1 meal per day included on off-campus days

Jamaica: Transcultural Nursing

This course is designed to assist the student to recognize the myriad of health-related beliefs and practices that exist among and between members of a culture and how those beliefs and practices impact the health of its members. This four-week immersion experience is designed to expand the student’s knowledge of transcultural concepts and theories; apply cultural assessment in diverse settings; and provide culturally competent care to individuals, families, and communities. Students are exposed to different empirical frameworks to assist them in providing holistic, culturally-competent care. Clinical experiences occur in diverse rural clinic and community settings with an emphasis on therapeutic interventions, health promotion, disease prevention, risk reduction, and health teaching within a unique ethno-cultural environment.

Course: NURS 346
Location: Jamaica
Prerequisite: NURS 234 or instructor permission
Program Leaders: Nursing Staff

Curricular Requirement: 4 credits
Cost: $2,800
Length of program: Approx. 2 weeks

Theatre in England

This course introduces students to Theatre in London, with the aim of enriching their understanding of contemporary British theatre and theatre as a whole. Based in London and Stratford-Upon-Avon, the class will attend up to 15 productions offered by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre, West End theatres, and Fringe companies. Students will also visit theatres, museums, galleries, and historic sites. After two weeks in London, students will spend four days touring Shakespeare’s native Warwickshire and attending plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company. 

Course: THEA 303
Location: United Kingdom
Prerequisite: None
Program Leader: Marc Shaw
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits

Cost: $3,800
Length of program: 22 days
Tentative program dates: January 3, 2018- January 25, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included

Italy: Art and Architecture 

Experience the art and architecture of ancient through modern Italy. Gain an in-depth understanding of objects and their religious and political functions. Explore architectural spaces and monuments and learn how cities and towns integrate them into a community. Place objects in their political, religious, and historical contexts. Come face to face with Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Ghiberti, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Titian, Tintoretto, Carvaggio, Bernini, and Gentileschi. Trace the steps of Roman emperors and gladiators, popes, and princes, martyrs, and heretics. Conduct your research while winding your way through the canals of Venice, the markets of Florence, and the catacombs of Rome. 

Course: ARTH 307
Location: Italy
Prerequisite: ARTH 220
Program Leaders: Elizabeth Ayer and Douglas Zullo
Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits

Cost: $4,300
Length of program: 22 days
Tentative program dates: January 5, 2018- January 26, 2018
Meals: Two meals per day included

Natural History of the Caribbean

Students explore many unique and breathtaking geological, biological, oceanographic, and cultural destinations on two Caribbean islands (Barbados and Monserrat). Through activities such as volcano tours, hikes in spectacular parks and preserves, snorkeling on coral reefs, and visits to a limestone cave, students compare/contrast the physical features and environments of each island, paying close attention to the geological impact on humans and human impact on the environment. This intellectually and physically demanding course is open to all students who have instructor permission. 

Course: GEOL 275
Location: Caribbean: Barbados and Monserrat
Prerequisite: None; GEOL 107, 109 or 100 recommended
Program Leaders: David Griffing and Eric Johnson

Curricular Requirement: EL, 4 credits
Cost: $3,400
Length of program: 21 days (7 days on campus; 14 days off campus)
Tentative program dates: January 3, 2018- January 23, 2018
Meals: Three meals per day included


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