Confidence takes flight

In your junior year, you’ll build on what you’re learning—about yourself, your options, and your future. Possible opportunities include internships, research assistantships, fellowships, continued clinicals for nurses, and student teaching in the education program. It all adds up to the impressive  career preparation you’ll need to soar.


Tailored Co-Curricular Activities

As they continue along their FlightPath, Hartwick students choose activities on and off campus that complement their academic pursuits, personal interests, and career ambitions.

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Get ready for your career

Through FlightPath, you’ll get real-world work experience that will be central to preparing for your career and offer evidence on your growing digital resume. Travel off campus, get hands-on with clinicals, work in a research lab, or build on your internships. When you take opportunities that are specifically matched to your area of focus, you’ll connect your ambitions with what the world needs.


Guidance and support

This is when an Alumni Mentor and Career Coach will join your Guidance Team. They’re your expert advisors, your connectors for flash mentoring, targeted discussions, job shadowing, resume and cover letter recommendations, and much more.


Summer Experience

Hartwick students often use their summers to pursue opportunities that further expand their skills and expertise. These might include an additional internship, a paid job that aligns with their major, a service-learning experience, or one of several Hartwick-sponsored off-campus programs.