Technology Resource Center

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) is dedicated to helping students and faculty harness the power of technology.

Services the TRC offers:

D2L- Learning Management System

The College’s D2L instructional support system will remain available regardless of the status of activities on campus. Support by Technology Resource Center staff will be available via email and telephone.

A course in D2L with quick how-to videos and help resources are available on D2L.  Documents and resources specific to COVID-19 are also available on D2L.

TRC staff assistance is available to faculty and students at or 607-431-4357.

All Hartwick courses are routinely provided with a D2L “course shell” every semester. They are also “populated” with the appropriate roster of students. That roster is updated automatically every night to reflect changes in enrollment.

Faculty already using D2L are able to continue as usual. Faculty who have not been using D2L, are able to begin now: course shells and student rosters are already set up in the system and ready to use immediately. These are the features in D2L that Hartwick IT staff will support:

  • Text, audio or graphical content uploads
  • A text discussion forum
  • Assignment submission folders that allow students to submit their work to the instructor
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Grade book
  • Email to the classlist


Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that many Hartwick faculty already use. It is useful for interactive “synchronous” sessions between an instructor and students at dispersed locations.

All faculty start off with a basic account (1 to 1 meetings). For a meeting with 3 or more participants, a Zoom account licensed to the College is required. The College currently has licenses for 40 simultaneous sessions. More will be acquired if the need develops.

Faculty who have not used Zoom but wish to try it, or need to upgrade from a free account should contact the TRC at or 607-431-4357. For additional information about the different accounts, please visit Zoom Support or contact us at the TRC.

Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption Resources

Remote Teaching Remote Learning

One-to-One Assistance for Faculty

Faculty exploring options for remote teaching are encouraged to contact the TRC with questions and requests for help. We anticipate that faculty members will develop different approaches to “remote.” We know that faculty vary widely in their prior experience with technology for instruction and are ready to address the resulting range of needs.

We can assist best in support of hardware and software already in use at the College. We need to limit the time and attention we can devote to unfamiliar equipment or software.

Please send questions or a request for one-to-one consultation (in-person or remote) to