The Technology Resource Center is your first stop for technology questions and troubleshooting.


There are new instructions for how students, staff, faculty, and visitors connect to our wired and wireless network. Find out more about the new options and features.

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Helpdesk Ticketing - FreshService

The new ticketing system features both a way to submit tickets and a repository of help articles for common issues and questions. It acts as a one-stop portal for all your IT-related requests involving: computer issues, media services, telephones, accounts setup or Colleague, printers, WiFi connections, or smartphones just to name a few examples. No more worrying about who to call or email for a particular issue. Submit your problem to FreshService, and it will quickly find its way to the screen of the support team member(s) that are best equipped to help.

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To change your passwords for all Hartwick services:

Password Reset

Your Technology Accounts

Your Hartwick College technology accounts are your keys to access email, grades, information for your courses, WickIt balances, and other personal data.

It is important that you take the appropriate precautions to safeguard your passwords.

Matriculated students receive a letter containing their student ID and their usernames and default passwords for their network and Google Apps accounts. To ensure security, both passwords should be changed. Your new passwords should be ones that you will be able to remember, but which no one else could figure out easily. Passwords may contain upper and lower case and may include letters, numbers, symbols, or a combination.


The two accounts you will use at Hartwick College are:

  • Your Hartwick network account – Your Hartwick network account – This is the account which you will use for the Course Planning Guide, the housing preference form, for HartlinkSelf-ServiceD2L, in computer labs, and for access to other Hartwick resources.
  • Your Hartwick Google Apps account – This account is only for Hartwick email and other Google Apps such as Google Drive. The account is accessed by going to The first time you use your account, you will be prompted to change the password. Google will also ask you to setup 2-Step Verification. If you skip this step, you will be locked out of your account. Once 2-Step Verification is setup, you will sign in to your account in two steps using:
  1. Something you know, like your password
  2. Something you have, like your phone or a set of printed backup code numbers
  • 2-Step Verification for Microsoft Accounts – You will also be asked to setup 2-Step Verification for your Microsoft Accounts. Full instructions can be found here.

Your network and Google Apps accounts are separate, and the passwords do not synchronize.
If you have questions about your Hartwick accounts, contact the TRC at 607-431-4357 or

Residence halls have wireless networking available and Ethernet by request. Personal wireless routers cause significant interference and are not permitted on campus.  Game devices and smart TVs may be registered and connected to either our Ethernet or wireless Hawks-Device networks. To learn how to connect to these networks, visit our Campus Network page.

Students are provided with some free printing every term and can charge additional printing to WICKit. Printing can be done from the library or computer labs, or directly from your own laptop or even your smart phone! For more information about printing options, see Uniprint. You may bring a printer to campus, but the TRC will not provide support for personal printers.

Your Hartwick College student ID card (called WICKit) allows you entry to your residence hall and many events, allows access to your meal plan, and also has a WICKit declining balance option for purchases such as vending, laundry, bookstore and many off-campus merchants. See our WICKit page for more details.

Although most students bring cell phones to campus, every residence hall is equipped with a hall phone for making local calls at no cost. Long distance calling requires use of a calling card.

The TRC will provide free troubleshooting for students’ access and use of Hartwick College-supported applications (e.g., D2L, WebAdvisor/Self-Service, D2L, Microsoft Office, and SPSS).


For D2L Student Training Videos, visit Hartwick’s D2L home.

Hartwick D2L

The TRC will provide problem assessment to assist students with technology issues, and will try to determine if it requires an outside technician. At this time, we do not provide hardware repair.

Students may rent a computer, as available, from the TRC. Notebook computer rental rates are:

  • Daily – $28
  • Weekly – $45
  • Monthly – $110
  • Semester – $285

Note: Minimum rental period is one day. The notebook computer comes complete with carrying case, Microsoft Office software, power adapter and Ethernet cable.


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