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“I believe in Hartwick’s liberal arts to the core. Our graduates are adaptable and that’s marketable, especially in uncertain times.”

Sally Herbert ’88

“We have all heard the term ‘pay it forward.’ Well, it applies here. Be engaged. Make a difference. Return the favor that previous generations of philanthropists bestowed upon you.”

Francis Landrey P’06      

“The faculty is the backbone of the college; that was our experience. Hartwick is not an institution; it’s people. My husband and I feel that giving to Hartwick is personal.”

Fran Sykes P’96, H’12                                   



June 9, 2020

We, the Hartwick College Alumni Association Board of Directors, denounce racism and other forms of prejudice in all ways. We stand in solidarity with all victims of racial injustice and marginalization.

As a group tasked with connecting Hartwick Alumni to our college, our communities, and each other, we must listen to and uplift the voices of our ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, Native American) Alumni as they call upon us as an institution, community, and individuals do better to combat racial inequality. Whether intentional or the result of unconscious biases, racism is harmful and has adverse effects on our Hartwick community. We recognize that racism includes not only the actions of individuals, but also the policies and practices of groups and institutions such as ours. We challenge ourselves to understand and correct any inequalities we may discover within the Hartwick College Alumni Association Board of Directors.

We are committed to the following actions as starting points for our purposeful process:

  1. Hold a special meeting, as allowed by our bylaws, to add diversity and anti-racism statements to our constitution and by-laws by August 2020.
  2. Ensure that intentional conversations around diversity and anti-racism are included in our planned review of the Board’s strategic plan, and that resulting goals will be formally adopted.
  3. Review our member recruitment methods, domestically and globally, to address practices that may be discouraging to the involvement of our ALANA alumni base.
  4. Appoint a liaison(s) to the action forum proposed by Hartwick College President Margaret Drugovich in her June 3, 2020, email to the Hartwick community, and encourage active participation from our alumni community in these discussions and the implementation of resulting actions.
  5. Increase events sponsored by the Hartwick College Alumni Association Board of Directors that center around themes of inclusion and diversity.
  6. Intentionally respond to issues within the Hartwick community that may impact current ALANA students and the broader ALANA community.
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