The Technology Resource Center is your first stop for technology questions and troubleshooting.


There are new instructions for how students, staff, faculty, and visitors connect to our wired and wireless network. Find out more about the new options and features.

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Helpdesk Ticketing - FreshService

The new ticketing system features both a way to submit tickets and a repository of help articles for common issues and questions. It acts as a one-stop portal for all your IT-related requests involving: computer issues, media services, telephones, accounts setup or Colleague, printers, WiFi connections, or smartphones just to name a few examples. No more worrying about who to call or email for a particular issue. Submit your problem to FreshService, and it will quickly find its way to the screen of the support team member(s) that are best equipped to help.

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We strongly recommend that you speak to the TRC prior to making any technology purchases (hardware or software). IT will support only those purchases which are made through our department or with our approval. Why purchase through IT?

  • We want to ensure success for your project by verifying that your equipment will work on the Hartwick network and can be supported by IT.
  • We create images for standard Hartwick equipment. Our techs know how the machines operate, and machines can be easily backed up and restored to original condition.
  • In many cases the College has negotiated discounts, educational licensing or vendor partnerships that can save money on hardware and software.
  • There is no charge for the testing, troubleshooting and labor for the repair of College-owned computers during normal business hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday).
  • There is no charge for needed parts covered under your warranty.
  • There is no charge for the loan of a computer while yours is in the shop.
  • There is a charge for parts not covered under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • There may be a charge for user damage not covered under warranty.
  • The TRC will do basic troubleshooting for College-owned printers and fax machines at no charge. Inkjet printers are not usually repairable, as repair costs generally exceed the value of the printer.
  • Due to the special skills required, the TRC has outsourced major repairs on laser printers and copiers to a local vendor. Departments should contact the TRC to report the issue, and the TRC will schedule the repair.

IT will arrange a meeting to orient each new employee, provide accounts, and set up equipment.  Adjunct faculty may request a loaner laptop during the terms that they are teaching. New faculty may contact the Technology Resource, to arrange computer assignment and orientation to their accounts, WebAdvisor/Self-Service, and D2L, the College’s learning management system.

Faculty and Staff Supported Technology

Note: Only supported and legally-licensed software should be installed on Hartwick-owned computers.

D2L is the College’s learning management system. It offers course and content authoring tools, gradebook, electronic assignment dropboxes, online discussion board, tests, and surveys, as well as other course tools. Hartwick College also owns the reporting tool Insights and the lecture capture solution Capture. All faculty, staff, and students have D2L accounts. Access D2L at using your Hartwick network username and password.

For academic courses, course shells are automatically generated by Datatel each semester, and rosters are uploaded and updated nightly to each course. Instructors can copy content from one semester to another without having to recreate materials.

Hartwick College also uses D2L for institutional ‘organizations’. These may be working groups that need a physical space to hold files or exchange information.


Support for D2L by Technology Resource Center staff will be available via a Freshservice ticket, or 607-431-4357. These are the features in D2L that Hartwick IT staff will support:

  • Text, audio or graphical content uploads
  • A text discussion forum
  • Assignment submission folders that allow students to submit their work to the instructor
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Grade book
  • Email to the classlist

A course with quick how-to videos and help resources are available for Faculty and Staff on D2L.

D2L Online Help


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