Student Technology Assistants

Hartwick students who are eligible for work study can become Student Technology Assistants (STA) who work for the Technology Resource Center.

STA Qualifications

We interview and hire students from all academic areas across our campus.

If the student:

  • is dependable;
  • is trustworthy;
  • demonstrates a willingness to learn, and;
  • has the capacity to develop excellent customer service skills.

…then we will do our part to enhance the student’s ability to work with people and technology as a contributing member of our STA team.

STA Assignments May Include

  • working at the Technology Resource Center with customers to solve their technology problems
  • working with Networking or Systems Administration to support specialized IT functions
  • working with students, faculty and staff on special technical projects


Benefits of the STA Program

  • STAs can develop enriching educational relationships with other students and faculty as technology assistants/mentors.
  • STAs learn to manage their time, take responsibility for their actions, and can polish their customer service skills in a highly technical environment.
  • Students in the Student Technology Assistant program take their responsibilities very seriously. As part of the training process, all STAs are required to sign an STA Agreement, which establishes standards and expectations for their behavior.


Technology Resource Center
Clark Hall
1st Floor
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.