Below you will find a list that covers technology “housekeeping” items to think about before you leave Hartwick.


But first: You will soon be alumni. It is not too early to visit the Alumni & Friends webpage. You can use this resource to keep in touch with classmates, network with other graduates for job opportunities, and more.

What Happens After Commencement

Your Hartwick email account will remain enabled for three months after your commencement, at which time the account will be closed.  If you wish to keep a Hartwick email account permanently, you may request an alumni account by emailing There is no charge to have an alumni account. If you do request an alumni email account, your current email address will be changed to the format You will be notified of the new address before it is changed. Your existing messages and data will still be there, and your password will be unchanged. Your old email address will be retained as an alias to your alumni account, so that messages to that address will be received at your alumni address. Whether you request an alumni account or allow your Hartwick email account to close, it is your responsibility to notify any individuals of your new email address and to edit any accounts such as Facebook, Netflix, Xbox, listservs, etc. that may be using your original Hartwick email address.

Self-Service access will end approximately one week after commencement. Please retain a copy of your degree audit/program evaluation for your records as it will no longer be accessible (this document is the only source of your major GPA). You should also download a copy of your unofficial transcript after your Spring 2023 grades have been posted. After you lose Self-Service access, you will have to request official transcripts through the Registrar’s Office. For more information, please see the Transcripts Requests webpage.

D2L courses in which you were enrolled will become unavailable approximately one week after the last day of classes.

Any balance of $10 or more on your WICKit card will be credited to your student account once the office is notified of your graduate status. WICKit balances under $10 will be forfeited. Any resulting credit balance on your student account will be refunded. For seniors, WICKit card access to doors will be removed after commencement.

If you do not plan to keep your Hartwick email account, please be sure to unsubscribe from any non-Hartwick mailing lists or listservs that you belong to.

Your access to your Hartwick Microsoft Office 365 will become unavailable approximately one week after commencement.  If you installed Microsoft Office from Hartwick onto your computer, you will be required to purchase a subscription approximately 30 days after commencement.


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