Residential Life Staff

Meet Your Residential Life Professional Staff

Colleen E. Bunn, Ph.D.

Director of Residential Life and Housing

Amber Boulay

Area Coordinator: Wilder Hall & Smith Hall

Daniela Goncalves

Area Coordinator: Saxton Hall, Leitzell Hall, Townhouses, Apartments, Pine Lake

Ed Gabrys

Associate Director of Residential Life and Student Conduct

Erin Baxter-Toal

Director of Pine Lake Environmental Campus & Challenge Education

Residential Life Employment

The Office of Residential Life employs professional staff members, undergraduate resident advisors, and program support specialists.

Please see Hartwick’s Human Resources webpage for any professional staff openings.


Senior Resident Advisors

The Office of Residential Life & Housing employs Senior Resident Advisors responsible for different areas of campus. The SRA is responsible for co-supervising their RA team with the Area Coordinator for their area, assisting with residential curriculum efforts, and supports the administrative tasks of the office. Senior RAs must have completed at least two semesters as a Resident Advisor. 

Resident Advisors

The Office of Residential Life & Housing employs Resident Advisors (RA) across campus. The Resident Advisor is a current upperclassman student who is hired and trained to be responsible for the operation of a floor or wing in a residence hall, under the co-supervision of a professional staff member and Senior RA. The role of the Resident Advisor is to facilitate and maintain a safe, positive living environment in the residence hall that is conducive to the academic achievement and social growth of its residents.

Resident Advisor Selection Timeline & Process

Resident Advisor selection for new candidates is administered early in the spring semester for the following academic year. Depending on the year, there may be an opportunity for candidates to interview in the fall semester as well. The selection process is designed to help applicants get to learn about themselves, meet new people, and gain important skills, regardless of their status at the end of the selection process.

Program Support Specialists

The Office of Residential Life & Housing employs Work-Study eligible student workers called Programming Support Specialists. They are responsible for working with the professional staff in the Office of Residential Life and Housing to provide resources for RAs to implement the residential curriculum. This includes bulletin board design and creation, door decoration design and creation, flyer campaign creations, social media for the Office of Residential Life and Housing, and other duties. To apply for the Programming Support Specialist position, see the Work Study Job Opportunities page on Hartlink.

Office of Residential Life & Housing

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