Faculty Recognitions & Awards

The Office of Academic Affairs administers several awards and recognitions for faculty.

In addition to Faculty Research Grants fundamental to our faculty development program for supporting research, scholarship, and artistic activity, annual recognition programs include: The Margaret B. Bunn Award for Excellence in Teaching, The Winifred Wandersee Scholar-in-Residence, Teacher-Scholar Award, Hartwick College Honor Society, and Hartwick Professor & Administrators Emeriti

Margaret Brigham Bunn was for many years a loyal friend of Hartwick who understood the centrality of the interaction between teacher and student. She served as a Trustee of the College for 14 years. When she died in 1978, her colleagues on the Board established this award, which consists of a substantial check presented annually to a member of the faculty judged by students who graduated five years earlier to have been the most outstanding faculty member with whom they studied.

Past recipients of this prestigious award are:

2022 Andrew J. Piefer, Chemistry
2021 Howard Lichtman, Computer Science
2020 Mary E. Allen, Biology
2019 Eric M. Cooper, Biology
2018 Elizabeth A. Bloom, Education
2017 Wendell Frye, Modern Languages
2016 Susan Navarette, English
2015 Edythe Ann Quinn, History
2014 Penny Wightman, Business Administration & Accounting
2013 Doug Zullo, Art & Art History
2012 Mark Davies, Education
2011 Phil Young, Art
2010 Susan Navarette, English
2009 Mary Allen, Biology
2008 Laurel Elder, Political Science
2007 Lisle Dalton, Religious Studies
2006 Betsey Ayer, Art & Art History
2005 Tom Sears, Accounting & Business Administration
2004 Sandy Huntington, Religious Studies
2003 Doug Hamilton, Biology
2002 David Cody, English
2001 Stan Sessions, Biology
2000 Peggy Jenkins, Nursing
1999 Adrian McFarlane, Philosophy
1998 Walter Nagel, Chemistry
1997 Lynn Elmore, Psychology
1996 Margaret Schramm, English
1995 Connie Anderson, Anthropology
1994 Ron Heyduk, Psychology
1993 Larry Malone, Economics
1992 Peter Wallace, History
1991 Kate O’Donnell, Sociology
1990 Winifred Wandersee, History
1989 Bob Smith, Biology
1988 Jerry Brown, Modern & Classical Languages
1987 John Clemens, Business Administration
1986 Ron Brzenk, Mathematics
1985 Donald Vosburgh, Sociology
1984 Robert Mansbach, Religious Studies
1983 John Lindell, Political Science
1982 David Hutchison, Geology
1981 Jeffrey Goldman, Psychology
1980 Carol Bocher, Biology
1978 David Diener, Mathematics
1977 Earl Deubler, Biology

The Winifred D. Wandersee Scholar-in-Residence Award is given in memory of Professor of History and Chair of the Faculty Dr. Win Wandersee, who cared deeply about both her students and her scholarship and who enjoyed a national reputation as a historian of women in the workforce. Our community felt a tremendous loss when Win lost her heroic battle with cancer.

One of her many lasting contributions was the shepherding of the Scholar-in-Residence program named in her honor. It is designed to encourage the activity of scholarship in the context of a liberal arts college.

Winners of the award work on scholarly or artistic projects, which promise to be significant contributions to their fields. They are given financial support for their research and some reassigned time to work on their projects and to inform the campus community of their finds through lectures and classroom visits. In short, they serve as exemplary models of the teacher-scholar.

Applications from tenured and tenure-track faculty are requested each Fall Term.

Winifred Wandersee Scholars-in-Residence:

Barbara Kahl, Theatre Arts
Dr. Mark Kuhlmann, Biology

Dr. Carlena K. Ficano, Business Administration
Dr. William J. Gleiberman-Kowalczyk, Psychology

Bradley J. Fest, English
Dr. Weiwei Zhang, Business Administration

Katharine A. Kreisher, Art

Dr. Laurel Elder, Political Science
Dr. Jacob Wolff, English

Dr. Sandy Huntington, Religious Studies
Dr. Larry Malone, Economics

Dr. Mieko Nishida, History
Dr. Jeremy Wisnewski, Philosophy

Associate Professor Malissa Kano-White, English
Dr. F. Blake Tenore, Education

Dr. Peter Wallace, History
Dr. Sara Rinfret, Political Science

Professor Gary Herion, Religious Studies
Assistant Professor Parker Troischt, Physics

Assistant Professor Stephanie Rozene, Art & Art History
Dr. Michael D. Woost, Anthropology

Dr. Thomas Travisano, English

Dr. Vicki Howard, History
Dr. Robert Titus, Geology

Dr. Thomas Licata, Music
Dr. Stanley Sessions, Biology

Dr. Jason Antrosio, Anthropology
Dr. Gary Stevens, Mathematics

Dr. Kinho Chan, Psychology
Dr. Stefanie Rocknak, Philosophy

Dr. Scott Dalrymple, Business Administration
Dr. Laurel Elder, Political Science

Dr. Lisa Darien, English
Dr. Mark Kuhlmann, Biology

Dr. Mieko Nishida, History
Dr. David Anthony, Anthropology

Dr. Lori Collins-Hall, Sociology
Dr. Marilyn Wesley, English

Dr. Carlena Cochi Ficano, Economics
Professor C. Phil Young, Art & Art History

Dr. Katherine O’Donnell, Sociology
Dr. Robert Titus, Geology

Dr. Thomas Travisano, English
Dr. Michael Woost, Anthropology

Dr. Stanley Sessions, Biology

Dr. David Cody, English
Dr. Edythe Ann Quinn, History

Dr. Robert Bensen, English

Dr. Peter Wallace, History
Dr. Marilyn Wesley, English

The Teacher-Scholar Award is made to an outstanding faculty member who enhances teaching with his or her own scholarship, research, or creative work, integrating the perspective of seeker and teacher and strengthening the College’s academic climate by demonstrating to students and colleagues the value and excitement of scholarly inquiry.

Past recipients of this award are:

2022 Parker Troischt, Physics
2021 Richard Barlow, Art
2020 Stephanie Rozene, Art
2019 Sandy Huntington, Religious Studies
2018 John B. Dudek, Chemistry
2017 Edythe Ann Quinn, History
2016 Carlena Cochi Ficano, Economics
2015 Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
2014 Stefanie Rocknak
2013 David Cody
2012 Laurel Elder
2011 Katherine O’Donnell
2010 Gary E. Stevens
2009 Tom Travisano
2008 Mary Allen
2007 Mike Woost
2006 Peter Wallace
2005 Marilyn Wesley
2004 Eric Johnson
2003 Linda Swift
2002 Meredith Newman
2001 Carol Frost
2000 Ron Brzenk
1999 Margaret Schramm
1998 Mary Vanderlaan
1997 Phil Young
1996 Stan Sessions
1995 Roberta Griffith
1994 Win Wandersee
1993 David Anthony
1992 Bob Bensen
1991 Connie Anderson
1990 Bob Titus

Over the years, the Hartwick College Honor Society has welcomed new faculty and staff members who had previously been inducted into chapters of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi at other colleges and universities. In addition, welcome has been extended to other achievers whose academic backgrounds, in the classroom and in professional accomplishments, reflected the standards of HCHS membership.

We are proud that the history of the HCHS has positioned us to take the Society to yet new levels of achievement.

Professors Emeriti
Daniel Allen*
Grace Allsop*
Edward F. Ambrose
David Anthony
David A. Bak
David Baldwin*
Thomas C. Beattie
Robert Bensen
Carol Bocher*
Paul R. Bodurtha
Penny Boyer
Ronald Brzenk*
Dale Burrington*
Ethel B. Callahan*
Susan Carbone
Nancy Chiang
John Clemens*
Edith M. Daly*
Fiona Dejardin
Sharon D. Dettenrieder
David A. Diener
Gloria Escobar
Terrance R. Fitz-Henry*
Wendell Frye*
Ken Golden
Jeffrey Goldman
John Garhart*
Lewis R. Gaty II*
Thomas Greene*
Roberta Griffith
Richard L. Haan*
Charles Hartley
Gary Herion
C. James Herrick*
Ronald Heyduk
F. Roger Hickey*
Alban W. Hoopes*
David M. Hutchison
Norma Louise Hutman*
Wanda Jagocki
Sugwon Kang
Herman S. Keiter*
Wallace R. Klinger*
Steve Kolenda
Stanley Konecky
Walter R. Kuhn*
Peggy Liddle
John O. Lindell
Norman C. Lyster
Laura Gray Malloy
Robert E. Mansbach
Willard E. Martin*
Alfred F. Massari*
Douglas F. Mayer
J. Robert Miller*
Lawrence Mirarchi
John C. Moulton
Walter O. Nagel
Kim H. Noling
Katherine O’Donnell
Leonard W. Pudelka
Edythe Ann Quinn
Bruce Raemsch*
E. Perrie Saxton
Charles Scheim
Margaret Schramm
Thomas Sears
M. Richard Segina*
Terry Slade
Duncan Smith
Otto L. Sonder*
Ronald N. Stagg*
Gary Stevens
Lynn Strano
Jerome C. Strong*
John Stuligross*
Frederic Fay Swift*
Robert Titus
Thomas Travisano
Theresa Turick-Gibson
Mireille Vandenheuvel
Mary Vanderlaan
Eric von Brockdorff
Donald Vosburgh*
Peter Wallace
Marilyn Wesley
Richard N. Wisan*
Carolyn Wolf
Phil Young
Susan Young

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Earl E. Deubler Jr.*

Administrators Emeriti
David Bachner
Donald Brown
Richard A. Detweiler
Ellen Falduto
Joseph W. Jordan*
Richard P. Miller Jr.*
Michael G. Tannenbaum
Philip S. Wilder Jr.*


*denotes deceased


Bresee Hall Room 205

Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.