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Success Coaches

From day one, you're matched with a Success Coach to lead your personal Guidance Team. This is your key partner in adjusting to college, connecting with campus resources, and moving into your future.

Meeting regularly with your success coach, you will:

  • Be paired with a nonjudgmental advocate who will provide honest feedback and help you learn how to hold yourself and others accountable.
  • Develop action plans to meet your educational and personal goals.
  • Find opportunities to maximize your FlightPath.
  • Get support when finding solutions to challenges.
  • Get invited to personalized workshops and events to meet your needs.
  • Be connected to resources on campus.
  • Receive support regarding: time management, conflict resolution, organization, self-care and, study skills.
  • Gain access to helpful resources on Hartlink.

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Meet the Success Coaches

Bri Dempsey

Success Coach

Elissa Donovan

Success Coach

Sarah Gutierrez

Success Coach

Flannery Hurtubise

Success Coach

Chelsea Penn

Senior Success Coach

Jason Stanton

Senior Success Coach, Coordinator of Persistence Programs

In addition to supporting you, your Success Coach will help you utilize campus resources and connect with offices to provide you with more specialized support:

Success Coaches