Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees 2020-2021

We commit more than $60 million in comprehensive aid and $30 million in Hartwick scholarships and grants. This financial contribution to our students reflects how much we believe in the value of the educational experience we provide.

Learn more about the generous financial aid we offer.

If you need to contact us, we are available to speak with you at 607-431-4300.  You also may email your questions or concerns to

Current Rates for 2020-21 Full-Time Matriculated Students
Tuition * $47,370
Room (Double)** $6,854
Board (Unlimited Plan) $6,365
Comprehensive Fee*** $994
TOTAL $61,583
Matriculation Fee – Freshman, first semester only $400
TOTAL $61,983

Health Insurance is mandatory for all full-time students. Please refer to section on health insurance for costs and waivers.

*The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic continues to create risks and uncertainties associated with on-campus educational programs of colleges and universities.  The potential continuing impacts of the pandemic are not fully foreseeable, and may impact the feasibility and/or structure of on-campus learning.  The tuition rates charged by the College are not dependent on the format of the educational programs for which they are payable.  Accordingly, if the College is required to alter the structure of its on-campus educational programs or transition students to remote learning models (in whole or in part) due to restrictions imposed by federal, state or local governmental authorities or applicable law, or if the College determines such action to be warranted in light of continuing or potential impacts of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, no reduction or refund of tuition will be made based on the resulting changes to the programs in which students are enrolled. 

**Room and board rates may differ based on residence hall or meal plan.

***Comprehensive Fee for all matriculated students. This fee includes, but is not limited to, student activity fees, Pine Lake WICKit card, technology and lab use. 

An Enrollment Deposit of $400 is required of all matriculated students upon entering the College. This non-refundable fee is credited to the student’s first semester billing statement.

How to Pay Your Deposit

Other Miscellaneous Fees and Part-Time Rates
Over-Election Fee, per credit $350
Late Add Course Fee, per course $50
3-Year Degree Program Deposit $300
Transcript Fee $10
Missed Appointment Fee- Perrella Health Center $10
Vehicle Registration Fee $50
Art Courses- Studio Fees, per credit $25 
Private Music Lesson- One-hour less/Rate per year,
music majors are discounted
Private Music Lesson- Half-hour less/Rate per year,
music majors are discounted
Physical Education Fees
Advanced Martial Arts $50
Archery $50
Body Boot Camps $50
Bowling $115
Circuit Training $50
Couch to 5K $50
Functional Fitness $50
Fit Yoga $50
Gentle Yoga $50
Golf $80
Healthy Way to Weight Loss $50
Hiking $50
Horsemanship $175
Indoor Cycling $50
Life guarding $85
Martial Arts $50
Outdoor Adventure $50
Fitness Professional Certification $225
Personal Fitness/Relaxation $50
Pilates $50
Res. to Emergency/Comm CPR $140
Skiing-Beginner $149
Skiing- Intermediate $199
Sports Health $50
Water Safety Instructor $85
Zumba $50
Part-Time Student Fees
Tuition per credit hour  $1,520
High School Tuition, per credit  $110 
Audit/Non-credit, per course  $150 
Bassett Nursing- beginning Fall, per credit  $600 
18-Month Accelerated Nursing Program, per credit  $960 
Summer Nursing Program, per credit  $583 
Summer Tuition, per credit  $360
Summer Online Tuition, per credit  $290
Tech Fee for Summer Online-Non Hartwick Students  $100 
Summer Internship Fee- internship up to 4 credits  $380
Summer Internship Fee- internship 5-8 credits  $760 
Fifth Fall, per credit  TBD

*Some courses have an additional course fee. These courses will be designated with a $ in their title. In addition, there may be other charges related to courses/tests. Students should check with the academic department offering their course(s) if they have any questions.

**Nursing students will have additional fees related to their course of study. Listings of these fees are available from the Department of Nursing.

2020-21 Room Rates
Triple $5.936
Double $6,854 
Single $7,945
Leitzell $7,966
Townhouse and Apartments $8,551
Super Single $8,862
Pine Lake- Single/Robertson $7,954
Pine Lake- Double/Robertson $6,850
Pine Lake- All cabins, Farmhouse, Robertson Lodge Apt. $8,273
Pine Lake- Super Single $8,862

Meal Plan Choices and Costs 



The annual tuition charge for matriculated students covers 12-18 credit hours for Fall and Spring terms, and 4 credit hours in January. A full-time matriculated student who has been granted permission to overload will be charged an over-election fee for over 18 credit hours in Fall and Spring, and over 4 credit hours in January. A student dropping below the 12 credit hours prior to the end of the Add/Drop period will be considered part-time and Financial Aid may be affected. Fall Term charges include fall semester and one-half of January Term. Fall Term is electronically billed on July 15 and payments are due August 5. Spring semester e-statements are posted on December 15 and payment is due January 5. Spring semester statements include charges for the second half of January Term and the spring semester. In addition, an e-bill statement will be generated for any month in which there are new or outstanding charges.  

Special billing concerns related to January Term:

  • There is no adjustment in room/board for students approved to study remotely, take an online course, or elect not to participate in J Term courses.
  • There is no tuition adjustment for students who do not participate in J Term classes.
  • Students returning to campus housing for J Term who were not charged room and board for the fall semester will be charged two additional weeks room/board.
  • Students returning to campus housing for J Term who were refunded room and board in the fall, will be charged two additional weeks room/board.
  • Students who enroll in J Term and decide to withdraw from classes after the start of the semester will not receive any adjustments for tuition.
  • Students who are off campus in an approved program or internship will receive a meal plan adjustment for the time not on campus.  No adjustments are made for room charges.

View E-bill Statement


Checks should be made payable to Hartwick College in United States dollars. Tuition, room, board, and fees are payable in two payments; the first one on or before August 5 and the second payment on or before January 5. For a monthly installment plan, please see the following sections. For each month, or part of a month that payments are delinquent, a fee of 1% will be charged for each month or fraction of a month throughout the duration of such delinquency. A charge of $25 will be accessed for any payments, personal or online, if such payments are not honored by the bank.

Mail your check, made payable to Hartwick College, to : Office of Student Accounts, Hartwick College, PO Box 4020, Oneonta, NY 13820-4020. Please note the student name/account number on your check.

Through an outside servicer, Hartwick College accepts online payments for payments by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and ACH from checking or savings.  If you use this service there is a processing fee; 2.95% of the transaction when using a debit or credit card, and $1.50 when choosing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from checking or savings account.

Make an Online Payment

International Student Payment Option

The College has partnered with Flywire to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international tuition payments. With Flywire, you can pay from any country and any bank. International students can make an online payment using Flywire’s website.

Make an International Payment

Installment Payment Plan

Hartwick College has partnered with Educational Computer Systems Inc. in our continued commitment to assist families in affording an education. ECSI offers an interest-free Tuition Payment Plan with an enrollment fee of $65. Instead of making two lump-sum payments, ECSI allows you to pay all or part of your educational expenses in ten monthly installments. By enrolling in this plan, the tuition account will be credited each semester with one-half of the contracted amount. Program enrollment starts on June 1. You may contact ECSI by telephone at 866-927-1438 or by visiting their website at

Enroll in Hartwick’s Tuition Payment Plan

Work-Study Earnings

Students employed on campus through the federal work-study program will be paid by check every two weeks for hours worked, and may request to have all or part of their earnings applied directly to the tuition account. To request the deduction, the student must complete a Payroll Deduction Authorization form with the Office of Student Accounts on a yearly basis. The form can be found here, completed electronically and submitted via email to  Parents of students receiving work-study as part of their financial aid award package should not deduct their student’s work-study award amount from the tuition account. Paychecks are delivered to the student campus boxes on payday. Automatic deposit to a checking or savings account is available; please contact Student Payroll for an application. 

Check Cashing and Advances

Students and staff may cash personal checks for up to $40 per day at the cashier’s window in Bresee Hall, Monday through Friday.  Parents’ checks made payable to the student for $75 or less also may be cashed. An ATM provided by Community Bank, N.A. is located on the third floor of Dewar Hall.

If an emergency arises and a student needs to return home immediately, the Office of Student Accounts will advance the student the cash amount required. Should this need arise, parents must contact the Director and request the amount needed. Once approved, the advance amount will be added to the student’s tuition account.


If total payments and/or financial aid result in an overpayment, a refund must be requested. The student will be the recipient of the refund unless a parent loan generates the credit balance. Credit balances from parent loans are refunded to the parent borrower. Financial aid must be posted and verified before any refund can occur. Refund requests are processed within five to seven days. Any authorization obtained for disbursing financial aid funds continues to be valid in subsequent years unless rescinded in writing.  Upon separation from the college, we will refund credit balances of $5.00 or more to the student or parent.

Tuition Insurance

All full time Hartwick College students will be automatically enrolled into the Tuition Insurance Plan, through an outside servicer, A.G. Dewar Inc., to provide coverage if a student must leave the College mid-semester due to a serious illness or accident. As with the health insurance plan, there is an option to opt out of the coverage.  However, we encourage you to review the coverage prior to taking any action.  The cost of the plan is $268 a year, billed $134 each semester.  The 75% coverage applies after the refund policy outlined in the next section.  The waiver and other important information is found at  

Refund Policy

There may be an occasion during the academic year when a student decides to withdraw from the College after classes have begun. Refunds of tuition will be made according to the following schedule. The Fall billing period includes all of Fall Term and one-half of January Term. The Spring billing period includes the second half of January Term and all of Spring Term.

Second Week of Billing Cycle 80%
Third Week of Billing Cycle 70%
Fourth Week of Billing Cycle 60%
Fifth Week of Billing Cycle 50%
Sixth Week of Billing Cycle 40%
Seventh Week of Billing Cycle 30%
Eighth Week of Billing Cycle 20%
Ninth Week of Billing Cycle 10%
Tenth Week of Billing Cycle 5%
  • For students voluntarily taking a general or medical leave or withdrawing from the college:

    • After the tenth week of the billing period, no refund of tuition will be made.
    • Financial Aid will be recalculated according to institutional, state and federal policies/regulations.
    • Room charges are prorated for the first two weeks of the billing period only. After two weeks, no refund is given.  
    • Board charges for the board/meal plan will be prorated on a weekly basis for the first ten weeks of the billing period, after that there will be no refund of board.
    • Comprehensive Fee is non-refundable after the start of the semester.
    • Course fees, such as Art, Music, Nursing, PE, etc., are non-refundable after the start of the semester.
    • The optional health insurance fee is non-refundable after the start of the semester.
    • See Tuition Insurance for further information on medical leaves.

    Approved Remote Study Requests:

    • No adjustments are made to tuition or fees for students who are approved to study remotely.
    • Room and board will be prorated based on when the remote request is received and approved. Room charges are prorated for the first two weeks of the billing period and board charges will be prorated on a weekly basis for the first ten weeks of the billing period.
    • Financial aid will be reviewed for any required recalculations.

    Quarantine or isolation:

    • For those who quarantine or isolate off campus, there is no refund of room and board for the time they are not on campus.

    Conduct Violations & Sanctions:

    • Administrative leave with academic suspension for semester, administrative leave with approved remote study for the duration of the semester, or administrative leave with approved remote study for part of the semester – no adjustments for Tuition, Fees, Room or Board.
    • Suspension, interim suspension or expulsion – no adjustments for Tuition, Fees, Room or Board.

    Mandatory campus closure:

    • If for any reason the campus must be closed to residential living, room and board charges will be refunded on a prorated weekly basis.  No room or board charges will be refunded after the tenth week of the billing period.
    • If for any reason the campus must be closed to residential living, and remote instruction is not possible, tuition will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis.  Please refer to the tuition refund chart above.  All adjustments will be predicated on a recalculation of financial aid.

    Temporary college-wide remote study:

    • If for any reason the College must revert to remote study only for a temporary period, there will be no refunds of room, board or tuition and fee charges.
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