Nursing Fees

Estimated Fees for Hartwick Nursing Programs

All fees are subject to change and may vary depending on program.

CPR Certification
(Renewal required every 2 years)
Medical Exam & Immunizations
(required annually)
Hartwick Clinical Bag and  Kit $310 (sold by the campus bookstore)
Scrubs $40-$65 per set
Closed-toe non-porous white shoes $30-$100
Online exam proctoring for each major nursing exam (Honorlock) $5 per exam (ie. NURS 134 =$20)
Professional liability insurance
(billed to student account)
$16 annually
Lab fees (billed to student account) $50 per clinical course (10 clinical courses)
ATI modules (billed to student account)

$565.50 per module (4 modules over duration of the program)

Books for Three- & Four-Year Degree Programs
Books for Accelerated Summer Program
Books for 18-Month Accelerated Program
NYSNA Infection Control and Child Abuse Courses $25
Nursing Pin $50-$400
Nursing Patch $5
National Student Nurses’ Association membership (Required) $30
Background check (depending on requirements of Senior Independent Practicum site) $15-$45
Drug Screening (depending on requirements of Senior Independent Practicum site)