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About the Teacher Education Program

The Education Program has always been firmly rooted in the liberal arts and science tradition; we require that students major in an appropriate content area, fulfill the College’s Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum requirements, and complete an education program of study that, while not officially a major, is equivalent to a major in terms of number of credits (currently 47-50 credits).

The Education Program also has a service learning and student teaching component that is extensive for a small liberal arts college (students log more than 120 hours of service learning and 420 - 450 practicum hours of student teaching, including a required international or urban placement).

The Teacher Education Program at Hartwick College has three components:

  1. It is rooted in a broad general liberal arts and sciences education curriculum;
  2. All students pursue both an academic major; and,
  3. A program of professional educational studies, field experiences, and student teaching.

Hartwick students pursue an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and sciences and have the option to pursue endorsements for certification in:

  • Special Education: Dual Certification
  • Childhood Education (1-6)
  • Middle Childhood Education (5-9)
  • Adolescence Education (7-12)
  • Visual Arts (All grades)
  • Music (All grades)

3rd Floor, Clark Hall

Contact:voice:  607-431-4841
fax:  607-431-4668