Education Special Opportunities

Andrea Brush ’08

Kevin Jensen ’20

Travel and Teach

Hartwick education students have used Emerson Scholarships to travel and teach across the world. Our students have interned in schools in Ecuador, Russia, Guatemala, Peru, Ghana and Ireland.

Emerson Scholarships

J Term Mini-Practicum

Our Mini-Practicum is a unique one-month program completed in the sophomore or junior year that immerses students in alternative educational settings locally at such places at Job Corps, BOCES and the Springbrook School and internationally during January Term in Vietnam, Great Britain and Ghana.

Hartwick’s partnership with Springbrook, a local special education school, hosts Hartwick student-teachers for both the mini-practicum. For each of the past few years, Hartwick has placed 10-15 students in Springbrook,

We feel this relationship with Springbrook serves our students well, providing a quality placement experience in a special-needs setting.

Education Student Activities

The Society for the Education and Enrichment of Children, our very active education club, provides students with a wide array of opportunities to get involved in the community and local schools, engage in activism around educational policy issues and support our sister school, the Pathfinder International School, in Asebu, Ghana.

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