• Exploring Death Valley, California.
  • Hiking the Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Measuring mineral alignment in the Adirondack lowlands.
  • Examining folded strat in Vermont.

Geology & Environmental Sciences

The Hartwick Difference

Hartwick's Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences trains students for professional and academic careers in the Earth Sciences. Our major is research-oriented with strong laboratory and field components. Students have direct access to rock-preparation, computer, mineralogy, and geochemistry labs for hands-on learning during individual research, class work, and group projects. Geology majors are likely to spend time analyzing the elemental make-up of rocks on the x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, sampling and analyzing acid mine run-off waters, and determining conditions of mineral formation from microscopic analysis. In addition, the department places great emphasis on experiential learning outside the classroom. Students typically spend time discovering geological and environmental phenomena while camping in the Adirondacks, combing the deserts of southwest Texas, or hiking the volcanoes of Hawaii.

With its environmental focus, Hartwick's Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences has its eye on the future. An in-depth understanding of the Earth's materials, formation, and structure is at the heart of many economic, social, and environmental issues-oil and mineral exploration; safe disposal of industrial and municipal wastes; preservation of groundwater supplies; the choice of sites for dams, nuclear power plants, and high-rise buildings-issues that will become more complex as demands on the Earth and its resources increase.

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Kathleen (Kat) Plourde '06

Kathleen (Kat) Plourde '06

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