Freedman Prizes for Student-Faculty Research

The Freedman Prize, established by Allen and Judy Freedman in 2002, recognizes superior student-faculty collaborative work that prepares for a senior project in the Applied Geosciences.

Because this work can begin as early as the student’s first year on campus, the competition is open to students in all four classes.

2020 Freedman Award in Applied Geoscience Recipients
  • Gerald Meyer ’23: An Investigation to Classify a Northwestern African Meteorite. Project Advisor: Dr. Eric L. Johnson.
  • Tarrah Skye Smith ’21: Effect of Buffer Zones on Local Creek Water Quality. Project Advisor: Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad.

2019 Freedman Award in Applied Geoscience Recipients

  • Tylisha Gourdine ’20: Investigating metabolisms of microbial dark matter organisms in the crustal subsurface environment of Juan de Fuca Ridge. Project Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Carr.
  • Brynn Marion ’20: Origins of marble corestone weathering in Northern New York. Project Advisor: Dr. David Griffing.
  • Maxwell Pizarro ’20: Mineralogy and chemical change over a deformation gradient using a metagabbro from Dana Hill in the Adirondack Lowlands. Advisor: Dr. Eric L. Johnson.