Freedman Prizes for Student-Faculty Research


Freedman Prize winners with the Freedmans and President Drugovich
The Freedman Prize, established by Allen and Judy Freedman in 2002, recognizes superior student-faculty collaborative work that prepares for the senior project required of all Hartwick students.

Because this work can begin as early as the student’s first year on campus, the competition is open to students in all four classes. The prizes also are open to all majors.

2017-2018 Freedman Prize Winners:

Cognitive Sciences

  • John Talbot ’18 : Varieties and Tiers of Consciousness: Stefanie Rocknak
  • Alexzandrea Richards ’18: Liquid Placebo Effect: Justin Wellman
  • Immacolata DeVivo ’17: Liquid Placebo Effect: Justin Wellman
  • Ashlee Burdick ’17: The Effects of Dietary Saturated Fats on Anxiety-like Behavior in Male and Female Rats: KinHo Chan
  • Kelsey Elliott ’17: White Collar vs. Blue Collar: Assessing the Stereotypes: Lisa Onorato
  • Caitlin O’Brien ’17: White Collar vs. Blue Collar: Assessing the Stereotypes: Lisa Onorato
  • Thomas Dorritie ’17: White Collar vs. Blue Collar: Assessing the Stereotypes: Lisa Onorato

Natural & Physical Sciences

  • Victoria Hubbard ’18: Microscale Alterations of Feldspar Across a Semiarid Environmental Gradient: Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
  • Kevin Blake ’17: MINI-plate:  Adapting the MEGA-plate for More Practical Use as an Educational Tool: Mary Allen
  • Samantha Berberich ’18: Granular Disintegration of Coarse Grained Marbles in Humid Climates: David Griffing
  • *Yixuan Liu ’17: Effect of Rad 23 Selectivity to Polyubiquitin Chain Linkage on Far-1 Degradation in Yeast: Eric Cooper
  • ^Ian Forbes ’18: Determining Fungal Weathering Rates in the Arid Southwest Across a Gradient Climate
  • ^Kevin LeDone ’18: Investigating Fungal Aquaporins in Drought Conditions
  • ^Emilija Aleksandrovic ’20: An Evolutionary Tradeoff: The link Between Cave Adaptations and Reproductive Anomalies in the European Blind Cave Salamander, Proteus anguinus

Theatre Arts

  • Alyssa Ralph ’17: Costume design for Wiley and the Hairy Man: Gary Burlew
  • Brianna MacMahon ’17: Development and reading of television pilot: Marc Shaw
  • Sarah Sperling ’17: Film project: Jake Wolff & Malissa Kano-White
  • Tashiem Jordan ’17: Creation of Attica, New York, Prison work-in-progress: Marc Shaw
  • Taylor Morin ’17: “Rats” staged reading: Edythe Quinn & Marc Shaw
  • Brittany Sloan ’17: Dramaturgy for Twelfth Night: Lisa Darien & Marc Shaw
  • Tonie Cross ’17: Voice work with Johana Arnold for Last Five Years: Johana Arnold

*Honorable Mention
^Finalist Award

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