Geology Conference Participation

Annual Geological Society of America Conference Participation

These co-curricular events are true career building opportunities and another way to augment one’s regional geology knowledge.

A Yearly Event

Hartwick geology majors typically attend annual meetings at the Geological Society of America (or a similar international conference), held in many major cities around North America. During the conferences, students see the results of “cutting-edge” research in nearly every subdiscipline of geology and other environmental sciences, have a chance to network with representatives of dozens of graduate schools, and even have a chance to network for internships and jobs.

The department typically arranges a 2-3 day field trip to see important geological/environmental features within reasonable driving distance of the conference city – features we typically can’t see in upstate New York. Many of these classic field localities are on Geologist “Life Lists”.


The department co-sponsors the trip in conjunction with the Hartwick Geology Club (Delta Delta G) at minimal cost to the student participants. Typically, conference registration fees, lodging, field trip activities, and a portion of both food and airfare are covered. Each student is responsible for GSA membership costs, and any food and airfare overages, plus any personal expenses during the trip.


Any member of the Delta Delta G club is eligible to participate, as long as s/he is not on academic or disciplinary probation with the college, and can be excused for ~ 7-8 days of their classes. Club funding is limited to 8-10 students (based on student senate rules), but up to 14 students have gone in the past. Each student who wishes to receive support from the department budget (covering a portion of the airfare), must enroll in the 1-credit GEOL 227 – Field Experiential Studies course. This course typically meets once a week for half the semester.