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Office of Compliance

Hartwick College is committed to operating with integrity in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. The College expects members of its community to uphold standards of ethical conduct and compliance.

Policies & Resources

The Compliance Office maintains this page to provide easy access to policies and related resources. Public policies and information will be linked below.


Institutional Policies

All Hartwick College institutional policies may be found on the Hartwick College Policy Website.

Departmental policies may be accessed by contacting individual College departments or visit departmental websites.

Hartwick College Policy Page FAQ

This directory is continuously being updated to reflect current institutional policies. Only institutional policies are listed in this directory. Departmental policies may be found by contacting the respective College department or office. If you need assistance locating a policy, please contact the Compliance Officer at 607-431-4293 or compliance@hartwick.edu.

The Effective Date is the date that the policy was originally published. The Revision Date is the most recent date the policy was updated. Hartwick’s Policy Page was created in Spring 2023. A blank effective or revision date does not mean a policy is not current or no longer in effect. All policies listed in this directory are current Hartwick College policies.

If you believe a policy contains an error, please contact the office responsible for the policy.

If a policy listed in this directory is also in another location, please consult the policy listed in this directory. The policy published in this directory is the official policy. Please report any duplicated policies to the Compliance Officer at 607-431-4293 or compliance@hartwick.edu. When reporting a duplicate policy, be sure to identify the name of the policy and the published location(s) of the policy.

Please consult the Hartwick College Institutional Policy Adoptions & Revisions Policy for instruction on how to create or edit an institutional policy.

Our College Compliance Officer

Geoffrey Gabriel

Title IX Coordinator/College Compliance Officer


Our College Compliance Officer serves as our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), who can be contacted with any questions about this notice, our data collection practices, or your rights.

Hartwick College Compliance Officer
P.O. Box 4020
Shineman Room 104
Oneonta, NY 13820
+1 607-431-4293

This general notice may be supplemented by additional notices at the point of any data collection. If you have specific questions about any of the data processing activities described in this or any other notice, please contact our DPO.