Staff Council

The mission of the Hartwick College Staff Council is to advocate for staff at the institutional level, maximize staff potential, and serve in an advisory role to the President while fostering a sense of communication and community in order to enhance the student experience.

The HCSC purpose:

    • Facilitate communication between staff and the campus community
    • Participate, assist, and advise in decision-making processes that affect the staff’s relationship with the larger College community, e.g. select staff representatives to serve on institutional task forces and committees when appropriate
    • Present ideas that originate from the staff to the College president
    • Foster a sense of community among our diverse population
    • Make Hartwick College’s educational community an efficient, fulfilling, and attractive work environment
    • Promote and advocate staff professionalism and support opportunities for the leadership development of its members

2021-2022 Representation
Members of the Hartwick community may access more information, including Council By Laws, minutes of meetings, and membership information from the Staff Council GoogleDrive. Hartwick username and password required.

Divisional Representatives

TBD, Academic Affairs; 2023
Kim Cronin, Finance Services, 2022
Mike Arno, President’s Office, 2023
Hannah Baskin, (Secretary), College Advancement, 2022
Matthew Lerman, Student Experience, 2022

At-Large Representatives

Lisa Corbert ’02, (Chair), President’s Office, 2023
Ryan Scheiber, (Co-Chair), College Advancement, 2022
James Cochran, (Treasurer), Academic Affairs, 2022
Stephanie Hollander, College Advancement, 2023
Kaitlin Huemer, Academic Affairs, 2023
Travis Moyer ’18, Enrollment Management, 2022

Ex Officio Members:
Devin White, Aramark Dining Services
Karl Seeley, Faculty Chair
Anne Moriarty, Aramark Facilities
Frank Werdann, Barnes & Noble
Student Representative,

Suzanne Janitz, Human Resources