President's Awards

President's Award for Liberal Arts in Practice

Initiated in 2009 by Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich, the President of Hartwick College, this award is presented to an alumna or alumnus of the College who extends the values that are inherent in a Hartwick education into their life work, to the benefit of others.

A Hartwick education prepares individuals to face the responsibility of freedom, liberating them through the knowledge they posses and their ability to leverage their understandings to make new knowledge. Hartwick achieves this by combining study in the liberal arts with experiential learning, thus affirming that it is in the interplay of theory and practice that we are best able to develop knowledge, understanding, and judgment necessary for choosing well and exercising personal freedom.

The President’s Award for Liberal Arts in Practice goes to an alumna/alumnus who:

  • demonstrates her/his commitment to learn by bringing theory and practice together to generate new knowledge and new understandings, and encourages others to do the same;
  • continually develops her/his capacity for critical thinking, ethical action, and reflection, and fosters this development in others;
  • seeks to build a deeper understanding of similarities and differences, across time and space, and encourages others to do the same;
  • values and applies diverse approaches to building knowledge, and encourages others to do the same;
  • expresses the significance and importance of both individual and collective actions;
  • encourages others to take inspiration from the products of human ingenuity, including the sciences and the fine arts, as well as the beauty and workings of nature;
  • is known to maintain a passion for learning;
  • nurtures creativity;
  • has made meaningful contributions to present and future communities, locally and/or globally;
  • honors others.


Trustee Emerita Elaine H. Arnold ’69
Senator James Seward ’73 H’99
Ambassador of the United States George C. Bruno ’64, H’96
Retired Captain Joan E. Darrah ’73
Ms. Sharon D. Dettenrieder ’65, MSN,RN
Ms. Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell ’91
Dr. Carol J. Woodard ’50, H’91
Dr. Linda Reckhow Thomson ’72


Awards are given at the discretion of the President from a pool of nominees.  A suitable memento of the honor is presented to each awardee and s/he is recognized through inclusion on a centrally located display on the college campus.

To submit a nominee for the President’s Award for Liberal Arts in Practice contact the President’s Office.
Phone: 607-431-4990


President’s Medal for Extraordinary and Exemplary Loyalty to the College

The Hartwick College President’s Medal for Extraordinary and Exemplary Loyalty to the College is given to recognize those whose service, in its many forms, has had a transformative impact on the College and the life of our students. This award is presented during the College’s commencement ceremonies to honor the recipient(s) for their steadfast support and important contributions to the College. All recipients are chosen by the College’s President.

Past Recipients of the President’s Medal

Richard Clapp ’62
Frank Perrella ’50 H’93 and John Johnstone Jr. ’54
Dr. Brian Wright H’02
Henry Hulbert
Gordon Roberts ’47
Diane Green Brown ’60 and Donald E Brown ’60
Barbara Wilder, Dr. Philip Wilder Jr., and Robert Hanft ’69
Stephan L. Green ’59, William Davis ’49, Sir Howard Cooke and Amory Houghton Jr.
Nicholas Lambros ’61 and B. Thomas Golisano