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Hartwick students in France

Modern Languages Department Overview

At Hartwick, “liberal arts in practice” means active engagement in thinking, learning, and doing in an increasingly interdependent world. Learning a new language opens doors to the ideas and insights of other peoples and broadens students’ perspective on their own culture. Hartwick students who study languages gain practical communication skills, an appreciation of cultural diversity, and an ability to think creatively across boundaries. The study of languages in conjunction with other disciplines forms the foundation of Hartwick’s new global studies program. Global studies is offered as a major or a minor and enables students to develop skills to pursue international opportunities and find solutions to global challenges.

Please note: Hartwick College focuses on offering fall, January, and spring term undergraduate courses in person, however circumstances may require us to offer a small number of courses in this department through distance education. In times of emergency, following regulatory guidelines, all classes may temporarily need to be delivered through distance education, including online. We also offer a slate of courses online in the summer to help our students make progress towards their degrees. With support from an academic advisor, students needing particular courses may have other online options as well. If you have questions about the way courses are delivered in your program, please contact your Department or Program Chair.

Exciting Student Outcomes

Students who study languages at Hartwick are well-prepared for employment or graduate school.

Graduate School

Ph.D. student in Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Use
University of California San Diego/San Diego State University
MPH, Epidemiology of Microbial Disease, Global Health
Yale School of Public Health
William Eger (Spanish/ Public Health) ’19

MA Program in Fine and Decorative Arts
Sotheby’s Institute of Art
Ann Cannon (French) ’16

Ph.D. Program in Entomology
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Erica McPhail (French) ’16


Registered Nurse
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts, US
Kelsey Rousseau (Spanish/Nursing) ’17

English Language Teaching Assistant
University of Nice, France
Malek Charchour (French) ’16

English Teacher
Programa AC
Barcelona, Spain
Kalindi Naslund (Spanish) ’15

The Department of Modern Languages offers majors and minors in French, Spanish and global studies.

Ready to major or minor in French or Spanish or global studies? Here’s what it takes.

Review all the requirements in the College Catalog.

Courses in language and culture are offered to meet requirements for majors and minors in French, Spanish, and global studies.

Additional courses in German and Chinese compliment work in other areas of study: education, political science, business, nursing, and science.

Review the current course offerings in the College Catalog.

Want to teach English to university students in Nice, France or K-3rd grade children in the Dominican Republic?

Learn how to grow bananas in Cameroon? Live with a host family for a month or longer among castles in France? Work alongside local partners to provide translation and interpretation services in local communities? Gain career specific language training? Prepare yourself for a career in international development, global business or the US Foreign Service? These opportunities and more await you at Hartwick.


Mark Wolff

Professor of French and Modern Languages Department Chair

Karina Walker

Assistant Professor of Spanish & Co-coordinator of Women & Gender Studies

Still Have Questions?

Contact Dr. Mark Wolff, Professor of French & Department Chair