Why Hartwick?

You’re interested in how the law works inside and outside of the courtroom. You want to help craft public policy, work in corporate relations, or pursue a career in politics. Adding a legal studies minor at Hartwick will give you the education you need to launch your career across a wide variety of fields.

Many Career Paths

Hartwick’s interdisciplinary minor will provide you in-depth perspectives on the legal systems and the processes of the law, readying you for success in law school, legal careers, the courts, and public affairs.

Whether you’re majoring in political science, business administration, philosophy or history, this minor will give you a deeper understanding, practice and knowledge of how the legal system and the American government works.


Hartwick College student representatives during Student Government meeting

Pre-Law Club & Student Government

Join the Pre-Law Club and take field trips to observe law professionals in Binghamton and Albany, or take on a role in Student Government (SGA) to bring your classmates’ voices to the forefront.

Hartwick College alumna New York State Assembly Member and attorney Jen Lunsford '04

Institute for Public Service

Be part of the Institute for Public Service and discover opportunities to participate in local and state government, assist with voter turn-out drives, and hear from guest speakers who are active in the legal fields.

Hartwick College alumnus Charles S. Crow ’72, J.D., discusses Justice, Philanthropy, and Luck: Fighting to Free “The Convicted Innocent”

J Term & Internships

J Term opportunities in Europe, Asia and Africa will help you understand the role of international law, and internships with local courts, lawyers and judges, corporate law firms, even assisting campus professionals with DEIB and Title IX cases give you a chance to put your skills to the test.


Foundational courses in policy analysis, legal writing and research, prepare you to apply your ability to understand, critique and evaluate the policy making process.

Hone your focus on civil rights, international law or philosophy of law, then add exciting electives like white collar crime, computer security and ethics. Test out your legal arguments in mock trial classes, or study the relationship between gender and politics.

You’ll design a FlightPath you’re passionate about, giving you a competitive skill-set for applying to law and policy related graduate programs, law school, and professional entry level careers.


Business Law

Like Christina Graziadei ’16, now working for Hinman Howard and Kattel in Binghamton where she focuses on Business, Corporate, & Securities Law as well as Not-for-Profit Corporations & Foundations. A leader on the Hawks women’s basketball team, she graduated from Syracuse Law School in 2019.

Law School & Public Service

Like Hannah Pettis ’21, currently in her final year at Pace Law School. During summer 2022, she did an internship in the NY Attorney General’s Office in White Plains in the Organized Crime Task Force Bureau.

Private Practice

Like Adam Abreu ’17, a member of the Hartwick Alumni Board and a lawyer in Long Island at Paul Hastings LLC. As a student, he participated in the NY State Assembly Semester Internship Program and worked on congressional campaigns before going onto Hofstra Law School.


The Hartwick College Institute of Public Service is dedicated to strengthening democracy across the region by serving as a hub of collaboration and innovation between state and local government, and through civic engagement and legal studies.

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James Buthman

Associate Professor of Political Science

Matthew Chick

Assistant Professor of Political Science & Pre-Law Program Coordinator

Laurel Elder

Professor of Political Science and Department Chair