The comparative study of race and ethnicity in the United States and across the world.

Where a background in race and ethnic studies can take you

Coursework in the race and ethnic studies minor introduces students to the histories and cultures of American and global racial ethnic groups in ways that highlight the differences and similarities of ethnic experience and expression.

Putting race and ethnic studies to work.

Hartwick Alumni at work

Race and ethnic studies minors are employed in wide variety of interesting fields, and many go on to study at the most prestigious graduate schools in the nation.

Beyond the basic.

Like all Hartwick students, race and ethnic studies minors learn by doing. They study in small classes with expert faculty. They travel the world. They get ready for meaningful careers and interesting lives. They thrive.

A closer look.

The race and ethnic studies minor familiarizes students with the history of the conceptual debates about race and ethnicity and various analytical approaches influential within interdisciplinary scholarship on ethnicity and race relations.


Robert Seguin

Professor of English, Department Chair & Coordinator of Race & Ethnic Studies