Why Hartwick?

You want to promote a more just society. You want to understand and experience cultures that go beyond your own background. With Hartwick’s minor in Race and Ethnic studies, you’ll be more fully prepared to participate in an increasingly diverse world.

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Many Career Paths

Understanding how race, ethnicity, religion and culture create identity will lay the groundwork for a richer experience in any career field. Pair with political science to promote more equitable policy, or add to a nursing or education major to break down barriers in healthcare and the classroom.


J Term experiences will give you the chance to experience a variety of cultures up close. Immerse yourself in the traditions of Japan, or study how food and business intersect in Portugal.

Intern with organizations designed to promote equity and social justice - you can even apply for scholarships to help support international travel!

And on campus, experience your fellow Hawks culture first hand through dance performances, lectures, food and more with clubs and organizations designed to celebrate diversity.


Hartwick College Field School with professor of anthropology

Hartwick’s interdisciplinary program brings together courses in literature, art, anthropology, religion and more to deepen your understanding of what race, culture and ethnicity truly means.

Buddha statue in Thailand

Read works by African American and Native American authors. Learn more about Islam, Buddhism and Voodoo. Examine art, archeology and anthropology, and explore the socially constructed “nature” of race and ethnicity.

Hartwick College religious studies students at temple in NY City

In your junior and senior year, you’ll work with your faculty advisor to analyze and explore significant social and ethical issues, all from different cultural and ethnic perspectives. Present your findings at Student Showcase, or even an academic conference!


Robert Seguin

Professor of English and Literature, Media & Writing Department Chair & Coordinator of Race & Ethnic Studies