Off-Campus & Commuter Resources

Hartwick College is committed to supporting commuter students and students living off-campus.

We know that being active in your academic and campus life will lead to a truly enriching and rewarding college experience. We work to inspire, support, and equip our students with every possible resource for success.

If you’re approved to live off campus, remaining active on campus is key to helping you feeling at home at Hartwick. Being a commuter does not mean you have to miss out on the experiences that make these college years so great. As a commuter, you have the same opportunities as residential students to get involved in campus activities and organizations, we encourage you to be involved whenever possible.

The Office of Student & Community Engagement provides unique opportunities that reflect commuter students’ experiences on campus, including partnerships with the Center for Student Success in orientation programs and Welcome Weekend. In addition, Campus Activities utilizes Hartlink to provide consistent, reliable, and timely information to students. We focus on providing students with suitable space and facilities that are welcoming and meet students’ needs.

Paul Habernig, Director of Student & Community EngagementOff-Campus & Commuter Resources
4th Floor, Dewar Union

Paul Habernig
Director of Student & Community Engagement

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