Amanda Robinson '16

Sophomore, political science and business administration double major, French minor, member of the Pre-Law and Honors Programs from Saco, ME

Why Hartwick?
When I began my search for colleges, I knew I wanted a college similar in size to my high school, set in a pretty landscape and not in the city. When I narrowed my choices down, I got a little more specific. I wanted a college with a strong sense of community, a wide variety of clubs and organizations as well as opportunities for internships and study abroad programs. When I looked among my top choices, I was able to narrow it down to two. I knew that from there, what would determine where I spent the next four years was going to be decided by my visits to both campuses. The second I set foot on Hartwick's campus, my decision was made. Everyone working Acceptance Day was so energetic, friendly and eager to share Hartwick with me. The view from campus was breathtaking, and the professors I met were so engaged. Without even being a student yet, I felt like I belonged. Beyond that, the opportunities I knew I'd get from J Term would be incredible. In short, Hartwick felt right. I couldn't imagine spending my undergraduate years anywhere else.

What are your classes like?
My classes have been great so far. Some are definitely more challenging that others, but each semester has had a good balance of classes. I haven't worn myself thin, but I've still felt challenged. All of my classes have been small - easily less than 20 people - and the professors have been engaging and willing to provide help and constructive commentary on my work.

What does "theory into practice" mean to you?
To me, theory into practice means taking what you learn in the classroom and being able to apply it to real world scenarios and how the vocabulary, concepts, and facts we learn in class work together in a real company or lab.

How have your professors made an impact on your education?
Professors have made an impact on my education by always being accessible. When I email them, they respond quickly or are vocal about when their office hours are and encourage us to use them. They are engaging and enthusiastic about their material, which in turn makes class more enjoyable.

What do you do outside the classroom?
Outside the classroom, I am involved in Student Senate as an at large senator, am an executive board member for the Honors Program, secretary for Mock Trial and am in the process of helping to restart the French Club. I am also a Progressive Instructor for Business 101, a peer leader and have a work-study with [Associate Professor of French Mark] Wolff helping to create a data base of French novels.

How do you describe Hartwick to your friends back home?
The thing about Hartwick that I talk about the most - aside from the stairs - is how at home I feel when I'm at Hartwick. I was fortunate enough to meet a great group of friends and find organizations that I love being part of. When I talk about Hartwick to friends from home, I definitely describe it as a second home.

What comes after Hartwick?
As of right now, my goal is to attend law school after Hartwick. A physics class that I took during J Term last year got me interested in alternative energy and I am currently exploring the idea of becoming an environmental lawyer.

What would you tell future Hartwick students?
I would tell future Hartwick students to get involved. Academics are great and important, but what really makes the Hartwick experience so memorable is the connections that you make with people outside the classroom. There are so many clubs and sport teams on campus that it is really easy to find people with similar interests as you and it makes being a college student all that much more enjoyable.

Stefanie Rocknak

Stefanie Rocknak

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