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Faculty & Staff Giving

Why is faculty and staff giving so important?
Contributions from current and retired faculty and staff provide funding for programs, departments, and scholarships at Hartwick College. Equally as important is the strong message sent to those outside the college community. Faculty and staff giving announces to alumni, friends, corporations, foundations, and community partners that we support Hartwick College and feel it is worthy of their support, too.

Your generous gifts of time and talent to Hartwick College State are what help keep this institution strong and positioned for continued success. Equally important is the understanding that our connection to the students and our mission is imperative to building and maintaining a solid foundation for growth. Faculty and staff work daily to make Hartwick College better and help our students prepare for the future.

A gift to the Annual Fund can help support programs that will continue to strengthen Hartwick College and help current faculty, staff and students achieve even greater success. Many of you have made a commitment to this effort already in FY 13, and we are extremely thankful. For those of you who are new to Hartwick College or who have not yet thought about making a gift, please consider participating in the annual faculty and staff campaign.

How can I make my gift?
Employees can direct their gifts to the College, campus, or program of their choice through a payment option that works best for them, including payroll deduction.

Please join with the many other colleagues and friends who make it a priority to give a gift to Hartwick College. We look forward to our combined efforts in serving our students, and we appreciate your commitment to Hartwick College.

Know the Facts.
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