The Hartwick Fund

Like many colleges and universities, Hartwick is a tuition-driven institution. This means that tuition dollars fund most – though not all – of the educational enterprise. It is not possible for the majority of families to pay the full cost of this or any other educational experience. Charitable gifts make the difference.

Gifts to the Hartwick Fund provide nearly $2 million in unrestricted funds each year to meet operational needs. Unrestricted contributions give the College the flexibility to capitalize on educational opportunities and to address unforeseen problems as they arise. Gifts large and small combine to help Hartwick and its people excel.

Unrestricted gifts allow College leaders the greatest flexibility. However, if you are interested in a specific program or initiative, your designated annual gift is welcome. Options include scholarships, J Term funds, the Wick Athletic Association, Pine Lake Environmental Campus, the Stevens-German Library, individual academic programs, and more.

All gifts to the Hartwick Fund are available to be spent in the current fiscal year.

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