• Student presentation during Community of Scholars Showcase May 2008.
  • Hartwick students duirng internships.
  • Hartwick has a 10.6:1 student-faculty ratio.
  • Student panel discussion during Student Scholar Showcase.

Three-Year Bachelor's Degree

Hartwick College's Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program saves students time and money, without sacrificing the full college experience. It's that simple.

Hartwick’s Three-Year Degree Program is a unique and exciting opportunity allowing qualified students to benefit from our strong liberal arts education and special experiential learning opportunities. This program dramatically reduces the cost of a private college education. Students in the program can take advantage of every opportunity offered in our traditional four-year program.

Ready to get going? Download the Three-Year Degree Program Application today (PDF).

Hartwick's Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum is what makes the Three-Year Degree Program work. It's a unique combination of traditional liberal arts study and experiential learning. That means you'll have great classroom experiences and you'll make that learning real by getting into the field to study abroad, complete internships, and serve your community.

If you're ready to move faster, it's the full Hartwick experience in three-quarters the time and at three-quarters the cost.

You can earn a Hartwick degree, and enjoy every aspect of campus life, with three years of study. Hartwick Three-Year Degree students are motivated and hard-working, so they don't make a lot of compromises. They're on our sports teams, and in our clubs. They're performing on stage, hanging with friends, or living at our Pine Lake Environmental Campus.

Know the Facts.
29The percentage of Hartwick students who play at least one sport.