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One Wick Worldwide

Will you accept the One Wick Worldwide Challenge?

In celebration of Hartwick’s 225th anniversary, One Wick Worldwide is a year-long service drive to inspire volunteering in the Hartwick worldwide community—alumni, students, staff, faculty, parents, and friends. There is something for everyone, no matter where you are in the world!

The challenge is to complete 10 acts of kindness during 2022 in honor of Hartwick’s True Blue spirit. These acts of kindness can take any form, although those done in tandem with other alumni are even sweeter! So, get your fellow alumni together to support something or someone you care about! You can count the generous things you already do in your 10 acts—it’s all good! 

Special volunteering opportunities and monthly themes will be launched via email as part of One Wick Worldwide throughout 2022.

Accepting the challenge is simple—just sign the pledge below to be counted. If you submit your mailing address we will send you a special One Wick Worldwide bracelet. We also want to share your acts of kindness, so submit a description of your act (s) along with photos if available at the form below.

I live my life by the credo that, 'To make real the possibilities of others is the greatest gift.' This starts with kindness, hope, trust and choosing joy each day. One Wick Worldwide is underpinned by these values. If we all strive to help others realize their possibilities we contribute to the spirit of One Wick Worldwide.

Steve Baldacci '83

IDEAS FOR Volunteering and Kindness:

Give Blood to Help Others

Since launching One Wick Worldwide earlier this year, members of the Hartwick community around the globe have stepped up to take the challenge.

From working on Habitat for Humanity projects to collecting food items for food banks, the year-long initiative is inspiring volunteers from all corners of the world, including Amy Gardner ’99, Family Nurse Practitioner and Director of the Perrella Health Center.

For One Wick Worldwide, Amy and her healthcare colleagues at Perrella urge everyone to think about supporting a critical healthcare need—blood and platelet donations. The American Red Cross is facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade, which poses a concerning risk to patient care. Doctors are being forced to make difficult decisions about who receives blood transfusions and who needs to wait until more products become available.

The College is doing its part on Thursday, May 12, when it hosts an American Red Cross blood drive from noon to 5 p.m. Can’t attend? Find a blood drive in your area, then accept the One Wick Worldwide Challenge and sign the pledge.

Amy and the staff in the Perrella Health Center have pledged their support for One Wick Worldwide.

Will you join them?

College leadership was inspired by Amy Gardner ’99, Family Nurse Practitioner and Director of the Perrella Health Center, and have donated blood in the spirit of One Wick Worldwide.



Pictured above (from left): Karen McGrath, sr. vice president for enrollment & student success, Margaret L. Drugovich, president, Lisa Corbett, executive assistant to the president, Paula Lee Hobson, vice president for college advancement, Gail Glover, vice president for strategic communications

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