View of Yager Hall and Founders' Way on the Hartwick College campus

2022-2023 President's Report

Changing Lives. And making the World a Better Place.
We understand that every student needs their own map. One that grows and adapts with them throughout their Hartwick experience. And beyond. This is FlightPath at Work.

Preparing to Launch

Through FlightPath, Hartwick’s future-focused approach to education – the College opens the door to a transformative education for students from every background, empowering them to succeed in life.

Cheering Hartwick College students during Code Blue athletic events, Lambros Arena

A new initiative – the Hartland Promise – seeks to ensure that rural students have a high-quality, affordable option for education — near home, where they are most likely to thrive, graduate, and contribute to their communities. This commitment to rural students offers a form of diversity all too rare on college campuses, giving them a lived experience and understanding to help bridge a pervasive national divide. Find out how the HartLand Promises More Opportunities for Rural Students

Hartwick College student Jadon smiles

We are committed to opening doors to a transformative education for students from every background, empowering them to succeed in life. Learn how Jadon Demeritte ’25, a first-generation students, is finding her home away from home at Hartwick.

Hartwick College student

The Hartwick community lifts its students to better, healthier, lives of impact. That doesn’t just happen through a transfer of knowledge — it happens through the support, the inspiration, and the living examples our faculty, staff, alumni and friends provide to our students. For Cierra Barkley ‘23, that meant saying “Yes” to Opportunities like internships, scholarships and career-focussed programs.

Taking Flight

We are about transforming lives – investing in students with the greatest promise, welcoming them into a community where they belong, and committing fully to help them succeed.

Hartwick College students
  • FlightPath is brought to life by the systems and people who provide wraparound academic, social, and personal support —ensuring we reach every student, every time. It’s the kind of support that students remember well after they graduate and time and again, return the favor – as Rob Carpenter ‘88 did when he hosted one of FlightPath’s signature experiences, the Career HOP. Through his own experience, Rob knows only too well “The Power of Stepping Forward”


Hartwick students working in conference room during HAWK Career HOP

To prepare students to take their place as innovative leaders for social and ethical change, Hartwick has joined the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomacy Lab, a partnership that harnesses the efforts of students and faculty to solve real-world challenges related to foreign policy. Learn how Hartwick gives students an understanding and awareness of how their respective disciplines can have practical and substantive societal impact.

Hartwick College students
  • Offering extraordinary opportunities, FlightPath dovetails with Hartwick’s global strengths, on campus and around the world. Through J Term, every Hartwick student has the opportunity to broaden their horizons, with life-changing experiences overseas, around the U.S., on campus. This year’s experience had students travel to all corners of the world. From Hawaii to Central Europe; from Ireland to Washington, D.C.; from Japan to New York City. Catch a glimpse of J Term in Full Swing

Academic Excellence

 Hartwick’s academic eminence and offering continue to grow through the recruitment and retention of incredible faculty and the development of meaningful, new research and engagement opportunities.


Professor of Geology Zsuzanna Balogh-Brunstad with water sample at Hartwick College's Pine Lake Environmental Campus

Hartwick’s outstanding faculty undertake scholarship and teaching that addresses society’s most urgent needs. Learn how one faculty member is guiding students like Sebastian Stauss ’23 on the importance of sustainability and society. Read “Teaching While Caretaking

Hartwick College student working with Professor Melody Best in Simulation Lab

Through a wealth of classroom expertise, research and experiential opportunities, students are taught to think critically, ensuring that “Practice Really Does Make Perfect.”

Hartwick College student in Fab Lab, Anderson Center for the Arts
  • Hartwick faculty continue to create opportunities that respond to workforce needs and the needs of our students. With five new majors and six new minors in high-demand fields, Hartwick provides a 21st-century skills-based education that ensures our students can confidently achieve their post-graduation goals.




Vibrant Living-Learning Community

Hartwick fulfills its mission by creating a vital community of students, scholars, and staff, who ensure that learning takes place across campus and beyond.


Hartwick College student with tennis racket
  • Through distinctive relationships; athletics and creative opportunities; student organizations and events; and service to others, Hartwick students bond and connect, encourage and look out for one another. And it’s amazing how far that support takes them. For student athlete Jade Kilkelly ‘24, her FlightPath experience is giving her an advantage that means Game. Set. Match for her future.


Hartwick College student singing
  • One of the reasons many of us are so powerfully drawn to Hartwick is the pervasive ethos of mentorship we see all around us, among our faculty, staff, and even students helping to guide their peers. The relationships between mentors and those they guide are central to the way in which we grow. Learn how “Music Business Minor Propels ‘King’ to a Career
Hartwick College students

Through service to others, Hartwick supports abundant opportunities outside the classroom for students to show the world what they’re made of – opportunities like IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, in which students gain valuable professional learning experiences while offering free tax services to area residents.

Innovation and Engagement

Hartwick is building for the future by breaking down barriers — intellectually and socially, between campus and our regional partners, making way for innovation in every field, at every level.

Hartwick College alumnus Simon Baker '93
  • Hartwick is not just a four-year experience but a lifelong membership in a distinctive community of growth. Our alumni understand this only too well. And they show it by giving back to the College in creative and unique ways. Like Simon Baker ’93, who, along with longtime friend, philanthropist and mentor Barclay Simpson, created the Baker Simpson Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, an immersive fellowship designed to let Hartwick students explore their aspirations in and around social entrepreneurship, innovation and global impact.




Host location for Hartwick College Baker-Simpson Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

We want to make innovation a key building block of Hartwick’s DNA by honing in on the social aspect – taking faculty and student expertise and connecting it to the needs of the community both local and global. And we’ve assembled an esteemed group of innovation thought leaders from around the world to serve as advisors and counselors.– many of whom are Hartwick alumni.

Hartwick College student Nicole Chaora ‘24 during Silicon Valley Experience
  • Hartwick takes pride in encouraging students to immerse themselves in new environments to broaden their perspectives. In our latest initiative, the Silicon Valley Experience, students gain a deeper understanding of how technology and innovation are transforming the world in which we live. They are challenged to think critically about the intersection of technology and social impact, and how we should prepare for society’s grand challenges. Learn more about this experience and how it can help define the student journey at Hartwick College.