Why Hartwick?

You’re passionate about keeping the planet safe, clean and beautiful for generations to come. At Hartwick, you’ll develop the interdisciplinary skills and the real-world work experiences to help guide policy, educate others, and launch the sustainable businesses that will protect the world around us.

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Companies need employers who understand how to support sustainability. Whether testing water or recycling for a municipality, educating others about sustainable practices, studying invasive species or creating the policies that protect our soil, air and water, you’ll be able to shape your studies to focus on your interests.

Your Faculty Mentor will guide you towards research opportunities, while you’ll work with your career coach to find engaging internships on-and-off campus to test-drive your skills.



J Term experiences in Portugal or the Bahamas will show you the importance of global environmental movements. It all goes on your digital resume, which will show employers how committed you are to creating our sustainable future.


Join the Friend of Recreation, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship (FORCES) and get a paid internship to work in one of our breathtaking state parks. Stay on campus for J Term to take hands-on courses in Climate Change and Energy, Environment, and Society, and explore the wilds of Hartwick at our Pine Lake campus. Your Alumni Mentor will offer you their personalized career guidance, and your Success Coach will be there to cheer you on.

4+1 Programs in Sustainability

Our 4+1 programs in sustainability with Glasgow Caledonian New York College allows you to earn a bachelor’s from Hartwick in four years and a Master of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability, or a Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion in one year of intensive study.

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Flexibility and collaboration are at the heart of a Hartwick education. Your Faculty Mentor will help you develop your unique interest and dig deep, taking courses across life sciences, humanities, arts and more.

In your senior year, you’ll develop a research project alongside your Faculty Mentor. You could present at Student Showcase or a national conference, or take home one of several College awards in the field.



Like Connor Hart ’19, now a Senior Site Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He furthered his passion for the outdoors with his minor in Outdoor Education, and learned teamwork as the chair of the Basketball and Soccer clubs.

Environmental Education

Like Tarrah Skye Smith ’21, now working as a naturalist with the YMCA Camp Campbell in Boulder Creek California. Every summer, she’s tasked with teaching students about soil health, climate change and forest ecology.

Food Science

Like Rebecca Nathan ’19, now the Apiary manager at Chatham University. After Hartwick, she got her master’s degree at Chatham in their Food Studies program.


Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad

Professor of Geology & Coordinator of Environment, Sustainability & Society

Chad Anderson

Assistant Professor of History & Coordinator of Individual Student Program (ISP)

James Buthman

Associate Professor of Political Science

Peter Fauth

Professor of Biology and Department Chair

Amy Forster Rothbart

Associate Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of the First Year FligthPath Experience

Kevin Schultz

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Physics

Karl Seeley

Professor of Economics and Department Chair
607 431-4628

Timothy Vatovec

Lecturer in Environmental Science & Sustainability/Lecturer in Flightpath

Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Ready to move faster? Get the full Hartwick environment, sustainability & society, experience in three-quarters the time at three-quarters the cost.

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