Pre-law Program

Considering a career as a lawyer? Hartwick’s pre-law program can help you get ready to make a difference.

Pre-law studies at Hartwick prepare students to thrive in careers in the law. Hartwick students are equipped with the skills they need to be successful in legal work thanks to a robust liberal arts education infused with hands-on learning through our Liberal Arts in Practice general education curriculum.

Where a background in pre-law can take you.

No matter where you want to go, Hartwick can help you get there. What’s more, with a Hartwick-educated background, you’ll be ready to thrive when you get there.

The pre-law program coordinator at Hartwick provides guidance to students interested in law-related careers.

A closer look.

Following the guidelines of the Association of American Law Schools, we recommend individualized courses of study that:

  • provide basic information about economic, political, and social institutions
  • cultivate an appreciation for historical documentation and analysis
  • develop skills in oral and written use of the English language
  • develop the ability to think creatively and critically through deduction, induction, and by analogy

Beyond the basic.

The coordinator counsels students to educate themselves broadly, challenge themselves in a major, and maintain a high academic average. Popular majors for pre-law students are English, political science, economics, and philosophy. Opportunities to become familiar with the practice of law itself are available through internships and job-shadowing programs.

Putting pre-law to work.

Hartwick pre-law students have been accepted at some of the finest law schools in the country, including:

  • Albany Law School
  • University of Buffalo Law School
  • Charlotte Law School
  • University of Pittsburgh Law School
  • Syracuse University Law School
  • University of Vermont Law School
  • Hofstra Law School
  • Pace Law School
  • University of Dayton Law School
  • University of Maine Law School
  • CUNY Law School
  • Wake Forest University Law School
  • George Washington Law School
  • Thomas Jefferson Law School

Meet the pre-law faculty.

Our distinguished faculty are dedicated to giving tomorrow’s scientific professionals the tools to make an impact the moment they graduate.

Laurel Elder
Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Areas of expertise:
American politics with a particular focus on public opinion and voting, political parties and elections, and the politics of race, ethnicity, and gender.


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