Early Alert Program

Hartwick’s early alert warning system gathers information from faculty and staff regarding students who are facing challenges that may affect academic performance and/or their success at the College.

Early Alert Mission

To ensure that students are provided early intervention services that enable success in the classroom and connect students with services on campus to facilitate academic and personal success. Through individual attention, 3333 early alert seeks to increase student persistence through graduation.

Early Alert Reporting

All matters reported to the early alert warning system are treated with confidentiality and only shared with individuals directly involved in the outreach/intervention process. Early alert reports can be completed via the online 3333 reporting form, via e-mail (3333@hartwick.edu), or via voicemail (dial 3333).

It is important to note that the early alert warning system cannot serve as a surrogate for good faculty-to-student contact on a regular basis, and that it is not disciplinary in nature. We have developed a set of best practices for using the early alert system to help students be successful.

Should you have any questions regarding the early alert warning system, please contact Kathleen Carlson at carlsonk@hartwick.edu or 607-431-4136.

3333 should NOT be used for emergencies. For emergency situations, call 911 or one of the numbers listed below:

  • Campus Safety: extension 4111 
  • Ambulance/Fire Department: 432-2222 
  • Oneonta Police Department: 432-1111 
  • A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital: 432-2000 
  • Perrella Wellness Center and/or Counseling Services: extension 4120 
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