Financial Literacy

Understanding and managing personal finances and debt obligations are important topics for students and their families. 

By working to increase your financial literacy, you and your family will be able to balance your budget, understand the student loan process, build credit, and better understand your financial obligations regarding higher education.

Listed below are a few resources that can assist you in developing your financial literacy skills. 

Informational Articles:

  • Financial Aid Programs– A comprehensive overview of federal financial aid programs.
  • Budgeting in College– Learn how to create the perfect budget.
  • Mapping Your Future– Take control of your life by managing your money.
  • Money Saving Guide– Money saving tips you can’t afford to ignore.
  • You Can Deal With It– Offers tools to help you successfully manage financial decisions. This site provides information about money management; student loan repayment options, budgeting, and the benefits and dangers of credit cards.
  • It’s My Money!– This U.S. government website is dedicated to teaching Americans the basics about financial education. Also includes information from 20 federal agencies.

Skill-Building Resources:

  • Practical Money Skills– Financial Literacy for everyone, including advice for graduates. Click on one of the interactive activities to test your money management skills.
  • InDebtEd– Are you a savings guru or debt casualty? Find out by taking the “Life or Debt” quiz.
  • Money Mondays– Improve your financial wellness by attending free weekly webinars that make it easy to learn about financial basics. Make sure you check out one of the interactive worksheets.

Money Management Calculators: