Civic Engagement

Hartwick Habitat for Humanity Student Group

Our commitment to civic engagement began with the College’s founding more than 200 years ago, and is an essential part of our dedication to a liberal arts education.

Hartwick’s Civic Engagement program is dedicated to giving back. We see community service, philanthropy, advocacy, and political engagement as an ideal way to put study of the liberal arts into practice.

Through participation in civic engagement, you’ll meet Hartwick students volunteering both locally and from afar, registering their peers to vote, advocating for justice, fundraising with non-profit organizations, and a number of other community centered activities to. You’ll find plenty of ways to get involved and grow as a member of this community, and our global community!

Hartwick students who complete 150-200 hours of service receive special recognition during the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. As part of Hartwick’s commitment to civic engagement, our students, faculty, staff, and alumni serve in a variety of ways outside of the college classroom and beyond their college careers.

HartLink is the primary tool to learn about service opportunities through civic engagement. We encourage collaborations with courses, clubs, and much more.

Civic Engagement
4th Floor, Dewar Union