News Hartwick College Joins Niche Direct Admissions Program

January 25, 2024

Hartwick College is partnering with Niche and its Direct Admissions program on an innovative way to provide real-time acceptance and scholarship offers to students. To take advantage of the Hartwick Direct Admissions Program, high school seniors go to the Hartwick Niche Profile and share information from their profile. Those who meet the College’s enrollment criteria will be immediately notified that Hartwick wants them to join its incoming class. Included will be both an admission and an estimated merit scholarship offer.

“This partnership comes at the perfect time,” says Hartwick College Vice President for Enrollment Management and Athletics Bryan Gross. “It’s about providing access to students who may not have thought to consider Hartwick and making it as easy as possible for students to apply and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that await them on Oyaron Hill. The Niche Direct Admissions Program will help future Hartwick Hawks smoothly transition from high school to college.”

Every year, one in two college-bound seniors creates a profile on Niche and over 50 million people annually rely on Niche to research and choose their best-fit college. Through a personalized dashboard, interested Niche users who meet predetermined criteria can instantly see that they’ve been accepted into Hartwick College, along with detailed information about the institution and the option to initiate the enrollment process.

“Niche is changing how colleges connect with students and build their future classes,” says Luke Skurman, Founder and CEO of Niche. “By leveraging Niche Direct Admissions, admissions teams are equipped with an efficient, user-friendly way to meet students where they are, providing a modern experience that drives meaningful, measurable results.”

For Gross, the Niche program isn’t just about efficiencies; it’s about building stronger relationships with prospective students and their families.

“The program allows us to tell our story that resonates with a student’s individual needs and aspirations,” he said. “It also allows us to showcase our affordability and career readiness – two areas we know students and their families care about. This translates into more access and ultimately a stronger enrollment pipeline for Hartwick College.”

Hartwick College is among the most affordable top-tier colleges on the East Coast, with an average annual cost of $20,000. And while affordability is just one piece of the puzzle, what sets Hartwick apart is the quality of its educational and career preparation experience.

Through its future-focussed FlightPath approach, Hartwick students are coached on building a career plan from Day 1. This approach has led to success, as nearly 90% of the most recent graduates were employed in their field or in graduate school within six months of graduation.