In The News Hartwick’s “Summer Sessions 2022” Features Most Expansive Lineup Yet Of Online Courses

March 7, 2022

This summer, Hartwick presents more than 60 online courses over three sessions during “Summer Hartwick College LogoSessions 2022,” in subjects ranging from accounting to theatre and everything in between. The courses are designed to meet a variety of needs for those seeking college credit or trying to take their career to the next level. Current Hartwick students, students enrolled at other colleges, recent high school graduates, high school seniors (with permission), and adult students wanting to continue their education are welcome to enroll. All courses are offered online, letting students learn on their own time.

Summer Sessions 2022 registration is now open.

“We are especially pleased with this year’s line-up of courses available during Summer Session 2022,” said Pauline Stamp, associate professor of BUSA, co-chair of the Business and Accounting Department, and coordinator of the 2022 Summer Online Program. “As the College has become more adept at presenting curricula online, it has proven a boon to the summer online program. Whether it be a basic elective class, an upper-level requirement towards a major, or a class to help the adult learning polish skills for an ever-changing business world, we have something for almost everyone’s needs this summer.”

Nearly 20 business courses are available this summer, ranging from fundamental topics like accounting and marketing to more advanced subject matter including “Stocks, Blockchain, & Entrepreneurship” and “Fashion Branding.”

New courses offered across the academic spectrum include:

  • “Can We Talk?” (Session 1) is an Applied Theater for Health Education course that discusses the use of theatre methods within an educational or therapeutic context. Students will use elements of theatrical play to develop community building, leadership, research, communication, and presentation skills by working with diverse groups to devise personal and community well-being projects.
  • “Religion and Music” (Session 2), is a course that will provide students an opportunity to understand and appreciate the magic, beauty, and hidden meanings of spiritual music from antiquity to modernity, from shamanic drums to electric guitars. Students will critically examine ritual music in a variety of historical periods, styles, and worship traditions
  • In “Sociology of Conspiracies,” (Session 3), students will study the history and present-day consequences of conspiracies in the United States and internationally. The course will focus on the social psychological rationales behind belief, as well as the macro-level factors that influence beliefs. The sociological origins and rationales behind Freemasons, 9/11 truthers, anti-vaxxers, and coronavirus conspiracists, among others, will be highlighted.

The full curriculum of courses offered this summer is:

Session 1 (June 1 – June 25):

ACCO:     Financial Accounting
ART:        Drawing 1
ART:        Smartphone Photo & Video
BIOL:      Anatomy and Physiology 1
BUSA:     Introduction to Business
BUSA:     When Cultures Collide
BUSA:     Excel for Accountants
BUSA:     Luxury Management
BUSA:     Rags to Riches, Investing Today
BUSA:     Principle of Marketing
BUSA:     Finance
CRMJ:     Introduction to Criminal Justice
ENSS:     Introduction to Environmental Studies
GLST:     Intro Global Studies
HIST:     African American History
INTR:     Practice of Mindfulness for Business
MUSI:    Learning About Music
* NURS: Transition to Professional Practice II
PE:          Theory and Tech of Coaching
PHIL:     Moral Psychology
PHYS:    Energy, Environment, and Society
PUBH/POSC:  Prescription Drugs: Policies, Values, and Politics
PUBH:    Healthcare Ethics
RELS:      World Religion
* SCIE:    Pathophysiology/ Pharmacology I
SOCI:      Social Policy and Social Welfare
THEA:     Applied Theater for Health Education: “Can We Talk?”

Session 2 (June 27 – July 22):

ART:        2-Dimensional Design
ARTH:     Craft as American History
BIOL:      Anatomy and Physiology 2 (A&P 2)
BUSA:     Social Media Marketing
BUSA:     Stocks, Blockchain, & Entrepreneurship
BUSA:     Fashion Branding
BUSA:     Business Analytics with Tableau
BUSA:     Human Resource Management
BUSA:     Introduction to Business
BUSA:     Organizational Behavior
CRMJ:     Media & Crime
EDUC:     Teaching and Learning with Film
MATH:    Algebra Review
MUSI:      Fundamentals of Basic Musicianship
MUST:     Museums & Society: Controversies & Dilemmas
PE:            Principles, Philosophy and Organization of Athletics in
PUBH:     Healthcare Ethics
PSYC:      Development of Children with Differing Abilities
RELS:      Religion and Music
RUSS:     Russian 1
* SCIE:    Pathophysiology/ Pharmacology II
SOCI:      Controversial Social Issues
THEA:     Musical Theatre Appreciation

Session 3 (July 25 – August 19):
ACCO:    Managerial Accounting
BIOL:      Medical Terminology
BUSA:     Sports Marketing
BUSA:     Shop ’til you Drop
BUSA:     East Asian Culture and Business
BUSA:     Introduction to Bookkeeping
BUSA:     Law of Attraction Roadmap
CRMJ:     Crime Prevention
MUED:   The Social Psychology of Music and Music Education
PE:           Hiking for Wellness
RELS:      Superheroes Changing the World
RUSS:     Russian 2
SOCI:      Introduction to Sociology
SOCI:      Sociology of Conspiracies

* = Available only to current, qualified Hartwick students.

NOTE: Some courses require prerequisites.

For more information on the courses available, fees, and registration, visit the Hartwick College Summer Online website or contact Stamp at