Quinquennial Awards to Recognize Service to Hartwick

Hartwick College will host its 2019 Quinquennial Awards Celebration at 4 p.m. on Monday, December 2 in the Celebration Room, Shineman Chapel House, on the College campus. The annual event recognizes milestones in faculty and staff service to the College.

Those scheduled to be honored this year include:

FIVE YEARS: (2014)

  • Ms. Geneen Bolton – Coordinator of Nursing Opportunities
  • Ms. Michele Bookhout – Technical Assistant in Biology
  • Dr. James Buthman – Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Mr. Jonathan Dono – Systems Manager
  • Mr. Edward Gabrys – Area Coordinator
  • Ms. Nancy Hoyt – Aramark Facilities – Custodian
  • Mr. Donald LaSala – Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
  • Mr. David Lubell – Media Relations Manager
  • Ms. Debra Maison – Aramark Facilities – Custodian
  • Dr. Lorena Marra – Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Ms. Cindy McKown – Communications Designer
  • Mr. Gregg Norris – Lecturer in Music
  • Dr. Pauline Stamp – Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  • Dr. Namita Sugandhi – Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Ms. Victoria Tarbell – Lecturer in Physical Education
  • Mr. Mark Theophel – Assistant Football Coach, Defensive Coordinator
  • Mr. Charles Vatalaro – Private Lessons Instructor
  • Dr. Karina Walker – Assistant Professor of Spanish

10 YEARS: (2009)

  • Ms. Jennifer Brislin – Coordinator of Student Teaching and Field Experience
  • Ms. Lisa Depperman – Adjunct Clinical Instructor in Nursing
  • Dr. Amy Forster Rothbart – Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Mr. Burdette (Toby) Gallup – Aramark Dining Services – Cook
  • Mr. Joseph Mack – Aramark Facilities Director
  • Mr. Uli Speth – Lecturer in Music
  • Dr. Justin Wellman – Associate Professor of Psychology

15 YEARS: (2004)

  • Mr. Ben Aldridge – Lecturer in Music
  • Dr. Jason Antrosio – Professor of Anthropology
  • Ms. Tamara Barriger – Aramark Facilities – Floater- Group Leader
  • Mr. Gary Burlew – Technical Director and Lighting Technician
  • Dr. Min Chung – Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. David Griffing – Professor of Geology and Environmental Sciences
  • Ms. Kathleen Traynor – Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Experience
  • Ms. Kathleen Wenck – Aramark Dining Services- Hourly Supervisor

20 YEARS: (1999)

  • Dr. Lisle Dalton – Professor of Religious Studies
  • Dr. Laurel Elder – Professor of Political Science
  • Dr. Eric Johnson – Professor of Geology
  • Dr. Susan Navarette – Professor of English
  • Mr. Kurt Sheldon – Aramark Facilities – Custodial Supervisor
  • Ms. Cindy Smith – Aramark Facilities – Custodian
  • Dr. Mark Wolff – Professor of French

25 YEARS: (1994)

  • Ms. Stephanie Brunetta – Associate Director of Communications for Web Services
  • Ms. Ann Carman – Director of Prospect Research and Management
  • Ms. Brooke Chilson – Office Manager for Departments of Music and Art
  • Dr. Allen Crooker – Professor of Biology
  • Mr. Gary Robinson – Director of Counseling Services
  • Ms. Linda Robinson – Aramark Facilities – Custodian
  • Mr. Steven West – Aramark Facilities – Plumber
  • Dr. Michael Woost – Professor of Anthropology
  • Ms. Mary Wrench – Aramark Dining Services – Food Service Worker

30 YEARS: (1989)

  • Ms. Lynnette Hitchcock – Director of Telecommunications & Document Management Services
  • Dr. Stanley Sessions – Professor of Biology

35 YEARS: (1984)

  • Mr. Charles Whitmore – Aramark Facilities, Grounds – Group Leader

40 YEARS: (1979)

  • Mr. Michael Syron – Campus Safety Officer

50 YEARS: (1969)

  • Ms. Elizabeth (Betty) Powell – Associate Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator

For more information, contact Chief Human Resource Officer Suzanne Janitz at 607-431-4315 or at humres@hartwick.edu.

Hartwick College is a nationally ranked, selective, independent college of the arts and sciences located in Oneonta, NY, in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Founded in 1797, Hartwick is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States and has a long-standing tradition of adaptation and innovation. The College offers 35 courses of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and has gained renown for its innovative three-year degree program. Integrating an arts and science-based education with faculty-facilitated experiences – including study abroad, advanced research, and community-based service learning – Hartwick College prepares students to become valuable, fulfilled, and future-ready members of global businesses and society.

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