Classroom Technology in Dewar Union

Here you will find detailed information about the A/V equipment installed in Dewar Union, and learn how to operate it.

Farrington Room, Hartwick College

Farrington Room

Screen: 65″ Samsung TV on wall

Controller: Samsung TV remote

Connections: HDMI

Installed media players: none

Farrington Room-Sources

Farrington Room - Instructions

There are no adapters in this room, so be sure to determine what type you need in advance.

Plug HDMI cable into the laptop or appropriate adapter.

Turn TV on with the remote, which is located on top of the thermostat.

Press SOURCE on the remote. Choose HDMI1/DVI from the Source List to select the attached cable.

HDMI cable should send audio from the laptop as well. Control volume with the TV remote.

Turn TV off with the remote.

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