Freedman Prizes for Student-Faculty Research

The Freedman Prize, established by Allen and Judy Freedman in 2002, recognizes superior student-faculty collaborative work that prepares for the senior project required of all Hartwick students.

Because this work can begin as early as the student’s first year on campus, the competition is open to students in all four classes. The prizes also are open to all majors.

2016-2017 Freedman Prize Winners:

Cognitive Sciences

  • Gwen Bennis ’16: The Effects of Tattoos on Stereotypical Perceptions Using a Lexical Decision Task  Lisa Onorato
  • Charlie Feher-Peiker ’17: Concerning Knowledge and Human Understanding; Stefanie Rocknak
  • *Teresa Kim ’17: The Effects of Computer Literacy and Note Taking Method on Delayed Recall (will present at Student Showcase 2017); KinHo Chan
  • Natashe Pelletier ’16: Catching lighting with a bottle: Pessimism, goal-pursuit and object priming ; Justin Wellman
  • Lauren Rosenberg ’17: The Effect of Personal Appearance on Test Scores ; Lisa Onorato
  • Hannah Storm ’16:  An Integrative Approach to Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy ; Stefanie Rocknak

Natural & Physical Sciences

  • *Alexander Hanse ’17: Global Proteomics Assay of Ubiquitin-Knockout Strains of Yeast; Eric Cooper and Caterhine Minogue
  • Ali Jaber ’17: Increasing the Efficiency of Hydraulic Fracturing; Eric Johnson 
  • *^Nicole Mehr ’17: Investigation of the Effect of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid on Soil Water Chemistry; Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
  • Samuel Nowak ’17: Economic Exploration and Field Mapping of the Mud Lake Shear Zone in the Superior Province Greenstone Belt:  Vermillion District, Minnestora; Eric Johnson
  • Kelsey Rasefske ’17:  Investigation of Bacteriophage MS2 Lysis Mechanisms; Andrew Piefer
  • ^Kyle Smart ’17:  Effects of Concentration of Fulvic Acid on Silicate Mineral Weathering in Soil;  Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad

Theatre Arts

  • Alexander Austein ’17: Sound work for Chicago; Ken Golden
  • Joann Caber ’16: Design for Chicago; Malissa Kano-White and Gary Burlew
  • Alyssa Fox ’16: Dramaturgy for Vietnam War Nurses Project; Malissa Kano-White
  • Summer Howard ’18: Dramaturgy for Chicago; Malissa Kano-White
  • Lindsey Partelow ’17: ASL translation Wiley and the Hairy Man; Malissa Kano-White
  • Nathan Skethway ’16: Directing and response for Hedwig and the Angry InchMalissa Kano-White

*Honorable Mention
^Finalist Award

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