Hartwick Honors Program

Honors Students
The Hartwick College Honors Program provides outstanding students with challenges that broaden and deepen their liberal arts education, enhance the intellectual rigor of their curriculum, and lead to more meaningful engagement with a close-knit community of student and faculty scholars.

Unlike programs found at large colleges and universities, the Honors Program at Hartwick is not a separate “college within a college.” Our Honors Program, a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, is grounded in the personalized learning of an excellent small private liberal arts college, and encourages students to pursue their intellectual passions as a true scholar, working with faculty as colleagues.

Honors Program Benefits

  1. The opportunity to challenge yourself and make the most out of your Hartwick education.
  2. The opportunity to form relationships with other highly-motivated students and supportive faculty.
  3. The opportunity to live in an Honors housing (generally quieter and more studious than other residence halls).
  4. Early registration for your classes.
  5. Receptions, pizza study breaks, enrichment lectures, and other social functions.
  6. The opportunity to participate in student governance and attend Honors student conferences.
  7. The opportunity to help local charities and other community service activities.
  8. T-shirts and other “swag”.
  9. For graduating seniors, a festive banquet, Honors cords and pins (worn at graduation), and the phrase “College Honors” on your transcript.
  10. Monetary awards.

Basic Requirements

  1. Maintain a 3.5 grade point average.
  2. Complete four academic challenges that you can choose yourself. These include:
    • Exciting seminars exclusively for Honors students
    • Study abroad programs
    • Double majors
    • Individual creative and research projects
    • Presentations at peer-reviewed conferences off-campus

Honors Program Application

Our Honors Program is directed by Dr. Lisle Dalton, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Dr. Kristin Jones, Associate Professor of Economics. Dr. Dalton and Dr. Jones are available to provide students with guidance about starting an honors challenge and completing all necessary requirements.

Kristin Jones
Associate Professor of Economics

Lisle Dalton
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Beverly Vigna
Honors Program Secretary
Office of Academic Affairs
Bresee 205


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