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At Hartwick, we're committed to student success. Many students benefit from the expertise of our staff, all of whom are dedicated to making their transition to college is smooth, and we encourage you to consider learning more about our Start Out Academics Right (SOAR) program at Hartwick.

Hartwick College's SOAR program is an effective way for students to get a jump start on college. This six-credit program is designed to help motivated students maximize their potential, acquire valuable academic skills to prepare them for upper-level work, and ease the transition to college life. These form the foundation of college success.

During the five-week residential SOAR summer program, students discover their academic and personal strengths. Along the way, they earn college credit and prepare for their transition with the guidance of committed Hartwick staff, peer leaders, faculty, academic mentors, and tutors.

All the details about how Hartwick can help you SOAR can be found here.

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