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This is a very important time to invest in Hartwick College.

This is the time to make a difference in the lives of bright and talented Hartwick students well into the future.

This is the time to make a multi-year pledge, one that will allow you to have a greater impact than you might initially have thought possible.

Now is the time for people who benefitted from the generosity of others to give back. This is your chance to step forward and make the Hartwick experience possible for a student through a scholarship or the J Term fund. This is your opportunity to support athletics, the arts, or student life; to make an investment in sustainability; and/or to support the Hartwick Fund as never before.

To learn more about The Campaign for Hartwick Students: It's Personal, please contact Vice President for College Advancement Gregg Fort at 607-431-4026 or

Thank you for joining us.

Sally Griffiths Herbert ‘88

I support Hartwick College because it supported me. Now, I hope to return a few favors by supporting the school and becoming more involved. Hartwick College is a priority for me.

- Sally Griffiths Herbert ‘88

Endowed a scholarship for J Term study
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