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The Hartwick Advantage...

Throughout grade school and high school, when most people think of mathematics, they think of techniques and formulas for calculations: "borrowing" for subtraction, the long division algorithm, finding the slope of a line, calculating a derivative. But calculations aren't really the point of mathematics; they are only a means to an end.

Mathematicians ask questions about all sorts of situations, and then work to understand how careful logic and creative thinking can help them find answers. Sometimes, calculational techniques are developed to help codify the thinking process. But it is the analysis of questions that is the true interest and that can lead to entire new branches of mathematics, and new ways of understanding the world around us. With this in mind, a sophisticated mathematics student understands why the calculations are performed as they are, because learning to develop such an understanding is an important first step toward becoming familiar with the mathematical way of thinking and problem-solving. For more on the our approach, see the links to the left...

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