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Mathematics Department Overview

Hartwick offers major programs in mathematics and actuarial mathematics. Both majors urge students to ask their own questions, and provide them not only with an understanding of mathematical principles and the application of those principles to their questions, but also with the ability to think logically and express themselves precisely and creatively. Mathematics students at Hartwick are strongly encouraged to learn to work independently and pursue their own interests within either major.

Please note: Hartwick College focuses on offering fall, January, and spring term undergraduate courses in person, however circumstances may require us to offer a small number of courses in this department through distance education. In times of emergency, following regulatory guidelines, all classes may temporarily need to be delivered through distance education, including online. We also offer a slate of courses online in the summer to help our students make progress towards their degrees. With support from an academic advisor, students needing particular courses may have other online options as well. If you have questions about the way courses are delivered in your program, please contact your Department or Program Chair.

Exciting Student Outcomes

Upon completion of a mathematics major program, students are well-prepared for employment or graduate school.

Graduate School

Psy.D. program in Clinical Psychology
Florida Institute of Technology
Hannah Storm ‘16

MS Program in Engineering
Columbia University
Lianna Aharon ‘17

Ph.D. Program in Environmental Engineering
University of Nortre Dame
Sarajane Roenke ’17

MA Program in Sports Business
New York Universtiy
Stavros Kerchoulas ’17


Incoming Sales and Trading Analyst
Kit Tregear ’16

Special Education Teacher
Deptford Township Schools
Ryan Gill ’16

Mathematics Requirements

Ready to be a Mathematics major or minor? Here’s what it takes.

Mathematics Majors and Minors

Mathematics Courses

The Mathematics Department at Hartwick College is committed to providing mathematics and actuarial mathematics majors the coursework and experiences which will enable them to attend graduate school, teach at the secondary level, or enter a mathematics related career in business, industry or government. Hartwick mathematics majors enjoy extensive one-on-one contact with faculty members and have the opportunity to take full advantage of the faculty’s wide expertise as it intersects with their own interests and curiosity.

Current Course Offerings

Special Opportunities

Want to be a mathematics teaching assistant? Become a tutor at the Center for Student Success? Join the Mathematics Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon? These opportunities and more await you at Hartwick.

More About Special Opportunities

Hartwick Faculty

The Mathematics faculty at Hartwick are dedicated teachers and scholars who always put their students first.

Meet our Mathematics Faculty