Malt Quality Testing


Malt Quality Testing Services

The testing lab provides convenient, reliable and affordable malt quality testing services to support craft maltsters.  Having access to malt quality analysis provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to fully characterize quality specifications of malt products to aid in communication
    and marketing to brewing customers
  • Ability to monitor production process to improve product consistency
  • Ability to identify quality deficiencies in malted products and make improvements where necessary
  • Validate in-house testing procedures
Full Malt Analysis – (Moisture, Assortment, Friability, Fine Extract, Coarse Extract, F/C Difference, β-glucan, FAN, soluble protein, S/T, DP, α-amylase, color, filtration time, clarity) $150/sample
Basic Malt Analysis – (Moisture, Friability, Fine Extract, β-glucan, FAN, DP, α-amylase, color, filtration time, clarity) $100/sample
Specialty Malt Analysis – for high-dried and caramel malt(Moisture, Extract, Color) $50/sample
Enzymes Only (Diastatic Power & α-amylase) $50/sample
Phenol (for peated malts) $85/sample
Predicted Spirit Yield (for distilling malts) $125/sample
Glycosidic Nitrile (for distilling malts) $225/sample

All testing is conducted using official methods of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.  Additional discounts and subscription based pricing is available for large annual sample volumes.  Please contact us for more information.

Download Sample Submission Form  (includes shipping and payment instructions)

For more information contact:

Harmonie Bettenhausen
Director, Hartwick College Center for Craft Food & Beverage
Hartwick College