Resources for Current and Prospective Employees

Prospective employees of Hartwick College often inquire about employment opportunities for their spouse or partner and may have questions regarding local communities and their school districts. We understand, that, when considering employment opportunities, it is also inclusive of many other factors.

Our Region

Oneonta is almost halfway between Albany and Binghamton. Both cities are about one hour from the Oneonta area. Within this region, there are many employment opportunities and other family resources. Those researching employment opportunities for their spouse/partner should remember that employers frequently post positions not directly related to their specific mission. For example, hospitals also hire administrators, engineers, legal aid, maintenance professionals as well as health care professional.

Oneonta & Regional Resources

Please note that this is not all-inclusive of every local resource; however, it is a start to assist you in your efforts.

ACCO Brands (Sidney)
Astrocom Electronics (Oneonta)
Corning, Inc. (Corning-Oneonta)
Custom Electronics (Oneonta)
MAMCO Precision Molding (Oneonta)
Medical Coaches (Oneonta)
Oneonta Block Company (Oneonta)


Shineman Chapel House
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Fax: 607-431-4329